Imperial Minds Productions(IMPFS)

Imperial Minds Productions is a small Independent Company founded by Erika Garces & Jason "Lil Huero" Madrigal. A Director who found his true calling, a editor who took a chance. Two pieces of a puzzle who now know that with out one the whole picture isn't complete. Together the world can be conquered, an opportunity to take entertainment to a whole new level. Working at heart, with passion, attitude, creativity, charisma, and most important pride. A challenge, a dream to live and to promote a masterpiece that no other can rise to its level. Many times they have fallen, and many more they'll encounter the bottom of the pit. But every time with knowledge that "a person is not viewed for the times he has fallen, but for how many times he got up and kept on reaching for his dream". They will get up, with more strength every time seeking to reach for a piece of that pie, that can be shared to whom is trying. With their hearts on one hand, and with the other hand their fists protect their dreams. Reaching trough the cloud of hopelessness and assuring they never forget what made them who they're trying to become. Two inspired film makers will take you on a roller coaster journey through the minds of it's creators. WATCH MORE VIDEOS @ WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/IMPFS JASON "LILHUERO" MADRIGAL http//