khloe kardashian is way fatter than you think

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A whole lot of nothing! A boring sky with boring clouds, a sun that’s desperate for a beach, a road that just brings you to dead ends all over, a town that enjoys modesty, better yet boredom, sleep, it basks in all its retirement glory, retired from the outside world, to spend its days growing old tucked in the Northwest corner of one of the worst states in America, and yet, no one even has a clue, no one even cares, they just carry on, in a slow drawn out pace, with their marginal jobs, delivering mail, saying hello to strangers, local resteraunts serving mediocre food destined for greatness to the Neanderthal pallets of the aging confused, and the day just carries on, longer than ever, hot as hell, no wind, no clue, no worries, just another week, so…