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I haven't laughed so hard in so long!

My screen name is pretty self-explanatory?? hehe great! So, I'm a student, I work at Ross...still with me? Uhh, I've been single for the past 2 1/2 years because some men...you know what, I'm not going to go there!!!!!!!!!! Well, FOD makes me happy inside and out; I literally 'LMAO' every time I'm on this site. In the future, I think I will be uploading videos, but I'm not sure if they'd be worth watching...probably won't be comedy, being that I don't have a funny bone in my body...I'm just not funny. So, idk what the videos will be about...and right now I'm just babbling because idk what else to say. But uh, if I've failed to mention something about myself that you'd like to know...feel free not to ask!! Have an amazzzing day!

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