Hyper-Distracted Hyper-Distracted


The Humour and Horror of Awkward Moments in the Life of a Winnipeg Filmmaker

He’s been fired more times than anyone deserves to be fired (most notably he was unceremoniously tossed from a call centre after receiving third-degree burns on his tongue after wolfing down scalding hot soup). He’s tripped over and fallen upon elderly women in darkened movie theatres. He’s an Olympic champion at outrunning small children for free ice cream. He’s filmmaker Damien Ferland. In the time-honored internationally recognized tradition of Wacko-Winnipeg humor, his new weekly original comedy web series ​Hyper-Distracted plunges the viewer into the  miasma of humiliating failures in a myriad of unusual locations within the strange prairie city that is: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Taking an unconventional approach, Ferland, the director of a dozen short films, music videos and documentaries, breaks the fourth wall to speak directly to the camera to relay a veritable cornucopia of absurdly cringe-worthy and all-too-true stories from a rich life of total hyper-distraction.