Hush Money Sketch Hush Money Sketch

Hush Money Sketch

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one sketch group to release videos every Monday, to satirize the inconsistencies of pop culture, and to spread joy amongst the people. We hold these jokes to be self-evident, that all sketches are created lovingly, that they are endowed by their performers with certain endearing charms, that among these are life, laughter, and the pursuit of YouTube subscribers. Hush Money is a sketch group based in Los Angeles, CA. The members are George Coffey, Luke Jensen, Rivers Langley, Monika Scott, and Josh Wallace. Having met and bonded in the L.A. stand-up comedy scene, the group began their working relationship as producers of the bi-monthly live comedy showcase, the “End of the World Show”. They realized that by starting a sketch group they could waste even more time having absurd arguments such as “which drug is more hilarious to be served ‘pipin’ hot’?". Sign up for the Hush Money Mailing List and a new sketch will be delivered straight to your inbox every Monday.