Death Angels Cult Killers Death Angels Cult Killers

Death Angels Cult Killers

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DEATH ANGELS CULT KILLERS consists of Out of the Blue Judah 15, Skary Shan 21, Krying K 17, and Old Skool Judith 19. These three sisters and brother are remnants of the renowned Nation of Yahweh, whose spiritual guide and leader Yahweh Ben Yahweh was charged with ordering his followers to behead enemies of Yahweh in the Miami Florida Area, whom were considered Black and/or White Devils. And as the Miami Herald Newspaper and the other network news stations in the City of Miami reported that the disciples or rather the Death Angels of Yahweh were ordered to cut-off an ear as a trophy for Yahweh Ben Yahweh. These four young adults were born right after Yahweh Ben Yahweh's arrest in 1990, that's 23 years ago. They are all "A" and Honor Students and attend College Online: Out of the Blue Judah will be a sophomore at the end of this Fall Semester, and his major is Engineering Management Technology with a GPA of 3.47. Skary Shan, a senior, will be receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Pure Accounting at the end of the year; her GPA is 3.77, and she plans to pursue her Masters in January 2014. Krying K, has received her Associates Degree, and is a junior pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Marketing; her GPA is 3.68, and finally Old Skool Judith is also a senior, and will be graduating in the spring of 2014. Her major is Accounting/Finance, and Judith's GPA is 3.53. DEATH ANGELS CULT KILLERS are presently completing their seven tracks album; by the same name. They felt that their introduction track "I Dare You To Call Me A Bitch," would be the perfect rap song to present their Cult Killer Rap sub-genre, and their record label Killer Cult Records; a division of KCR Entertainment. Their single "I Dare You To Call Me A Bitch" is an anthem for all women to stand against the abuse of men, who have no respect and are misogynistic in their attitudes and behavior.