Skwhere Skwhere


Electronic Cyber Geek Band from North Pole

A huge snow storm suddenly showed up on the radar; from their post at the Nuuk weather station in Greenland, Aleksander and Mickail realized they'd never manage the sledge journey back to the town where they were playing that night. They called the owner of the discotheque via video chat to cancel their concert. But when they realized that the people were very excited in the club, already in the atmosphere that you have at 3AM but at 8PM, the idea struck them: why not have the concert anyway, but remotely, via webcam? Skype was hooked up to the tv screen TV and the speaker (it was a single 6 by 6 meter speaker laying under the ground, so you could feel the sound run travel through your body while you dance), and the 2 geeks unpacked their equipment in the weather station. The next morning, partygoers and musicians woke up to a beautiful layer of pure white snow blanketing the shiny roads of Nuuk. They were all filled with the memories of having shared an incredible party filled with unspeakable things that you normally do only when you are alone, 100km away from each other on webcam. Inspired by the strange circumstances, Aleksander and Mickail had joked around and interacted all night with the audience during the performance, and it had been such a thrill that the brothers decided to continue playing that way : the Skwhere experience was born. Skwhere allows the 2 brothers to exploit all of their passions in one original concept. Streamed and projected onto big screens in clubs anywhere in the world, now with high quality sound and video, their shows are a very unique mix of comedy, live performance and awesome dance floor beats. Stuck behind their computers at the weather station, the two geeks marvel at how the unconventional format of their gigs has broken many boundaries and brought them closer to their audience. "The greater the distance, the stronger the emotion".