Hottesome Hottesome


How Exciting! (I'm being sarcastic often when I say this)

A gay vegan who doesn't eat meat.... COME ON that's like ten jokes in one. I'm Quintin Henry Ellis Jr. and I've been whitty, laughing, and embracing myself since I was eight years old (not in a dirty way), in Miss Young's class (Loyola Village Elementary School: Fine & Performing Arts Magnet Center). I love to write (its a process). My favorite comedies are chick flicks The Sweetest Thing (I LOVE YOU NANCY PIMENTAL), Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion, and more recently Bridesmaids...favorite movie is the dark bisexed Roger Avery Comedy THE RULES OF ATTRACTION. I AM A Pretty laid back, down for anything as long as I don't have to sell my soul...again kind of guy..jk...I'm pretty sure my ex owns my soul. Love music, dance, karaoke, glee, twitter and shots. When I drink I try to be a little less Hasselhoff and a little more Day Lewis, classy. Mixed kid mostly African but also a quarter Indian and 1/16th Irish. You want more...see me in Eli Braden's "I WANNA BE A KARDASHIAN" guess who I am