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Sorry Ladies I'm Taken

I'm a practicing hetero and feel I've gotten rather good at it. Grandfather of 10. Ex-husband of 2. Husband of 1. Enjoy writing humorous stories, and drinking Sailor Jerry rum occassionaly at the same time. Could care less about walks in the moonlight. I like to craft blogs about 1 a month and play a lot of poker. You can locate my poker blogs on the players page of NLOP(national league of poker) a totally free poker site. Life is too short to take seriously my favorite motto" Don't let the bastards get you down". I believe in God, Country, and the sanctity of Divorce laws(there's a reason for em). I consider lazziness a fine quality in humans as all great inventions are derived from a lazy man's point of view. I can do it easier. My hats off to the inventor of the clapper, and self propelled robot vacumn. I'm a huge Jimmy Buffett fan, not only for his music, humor, lifestyle, but for his devotion to libation ease and his wonderful majical margarita machine.