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WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE NO ON PROP 8? - You believe the government should not make moral decisions for its citizens. - You understand that taking away anyone's rights puts your own rights at risk. - You are proud that California sets the course for this nation - what happens here will follow in other states. - Let's get practical same sex marriages will bring millions of dollars to Californias economy. - You know it's the right thing to do. On November 4th, Californians will be asked to make a monumental civil rights decision around the issue of same-sex marriage. If Prop 8 passes, it would be the first time that existing legal civil rights have been TAKEN AWAY since prohibition. And we all know how successful prohibition was. What right might they take away next, with a lot of money and deceitful TV ads? A NO vote on PROP 8 says to California and the nation that you believe in equality for all, and you will not allow the state Constitution to eliminate a fundamental human right. It 's easy for you to be a part of the campaign. Here's how you do it 1) Make a list of the Californians you know 2) Choose the PSA that speaks to your audience 3) Cut and Paste the link into an email and send away It takes about as much time as it did to order your double latte this morning, and it doesn't cost you $4.50. In fact, in that amount of time, you made a choice to preserve your rights and those around you. Well done, now go get yourself another latte. Or even better, donate to the campaign https//secure.ga4.org/01/equalityforall ABOUT THE PSAs Are you voting NO on PROP 8, but you're not sure if your friends, family and co-workers are doing the same? You want to inform them, but you just don't have the time or information to do so. Well, we've made it very easy for you. Choose one video that fits your audience ... or send them all. Possible Scenarios 1. My mother who just can't seem to understand that a NO vote on PROP 8 means you are actually for gay marriage. SEND MARGARET CHO 2. I'm not sure how my buddy at work feels about same sex marriage, but I know he would not want to amend the state Constitution if that means his own rights might be at risk one day. SEND CONSTITUTION 3. My married sister has tons of gay friends, but is still undecided about same-sex marriage. Oh, and she LOVES Sixteen Candles. SEND FAMILY (Molly Ringwald) 4. I have 5 minutes, and I need one PSA that sums it all up, so I can blast it out to my rolodex. SEND NO V. YES ABOUT HOMOTRACKER Looking for info on the people who made these spots? Here's our main page http//www.homotracker.org Here's a full list of credits http//www.homotracker.org/PSA _Credits.html We are just days away from the election. Please take the time to inform your friends, family and co-workers about PROP 8. Voting NO on PROP 8 will ensure that California continues to take the lead in maintaining equality and fairness for all. Do not assume your vote does not count or everyone already knows about PROP 8. This is the election to take our country back. For a complete credit list, please visit http//www.homotracker.org/PSA _Credits.html