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Hoi Polloi is Patrick, Bret and Dustin. They make videos. Some are funny.

Homepage Heroes 13 items PLAY ALL

Somehow these videos made the homepage

Masturbating Cat Roommate 2 items PLAY ALL

Series based on one sick kitty.

Hoi Polloi trailers 0 items

The Beau Files 1 item PLAY ALL

Based on actual events in Beau's life.

Hoi Polloi Commercials 5 items PLAY ALL

The Swiss Brothers 2 items PLAY ALL

Enjoy as these two brothers try to sell you worthless crap.

Dumb Quickies 10 items PLAY ALL

Not much thought involved in these. Just relax and enjoy.

Film Festival movies 0 items

These videos were made for film festivals.

Local Stand Up Comedians 0 items

Comedians from Louisville, KY