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Hex Buddy

Bringing some positive vibes to the internet in a funny way.....I hope.

Hi and welcome to the Laziest Channel you might come across on all of FUNNYORDIE. So what is it all about, well, I want to fill this website with my brand of positivity: publicly declaring what I am thankful for. This way I can be sure that at least one positive thought is being spread through this website (not that there are no other positive channels). I will try and do this in the most entertaining way I can but remember I am lazy so the bar will be very low. Things I'm Thankful For: TITF, will be the theme of this channel and each episode or video will feature another thing that I am thankful for. I know, I know, why should you care? Well....... you shouldn't really, I don't really expect much but if you wanna hear me ramble on about what I like then SUBSCRIBE over on youtube too. I will try and upload as regular as possible, weekly? Your poorly drawn friend HEX BUDDY.