Herpes Boy Herpes Boy

Herpes Boy

i dont have herpes. i have a birthmark. try not to stare. HERPES BOY started as web series on YouTube, was discovered by a Hollywood producer, and is now a feature film! HERPES BOY is about a social outcast with a facial birthmark who finds his world flipped upside down after he posts videos of his quirky life onto the Internet and becomes an unwilling cyber-celebrity. HERPES BOY recently sold-out two screenings at the Austin Film Festival and won the Comedy Vanguard Audience Award. HERPES BOY was featured on local NBC News, local CBS News, and The Onion’s AV Club. Reviewers call HERPES BOY “hilarious,” “poignant,” and “entirely engrossing.” HERPES BOY also screened at the Nashville Film Festival, among others. HERPES BOY stars renowned Hollywood actors including BETH GRANT (No Country for Old Men, Little Miss Sunshine, Donnie Darko), OCTAVIA SPENCER (Ugly Betty, Spider-Man, Being John Malkovich), JULIANNA MCCARTHY (The Young and the Restless), AHNA O'REILLY (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), MICHAEL CHIEFFO (L.A. Confidential), ZACK SILVA (Days of Our Lives), LARRY WEISSMAN (House MD, NYPD Blue), and stars of YouTube hits LonelyGirl15 and MakeMeBad35. Trailer http//www.herpesboymovie.com/trailer