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Comedian Henry Cho figures his real life is so much like a sitcom he might as well turn it into one. That’s what he’s done in a series now in development with CBS-TV/Paramount Studios. Cho’s executive producers on the project are Late, Late Show host Craig Ferguson and Jim Hope, who counts The George Lopez Show and Titus among his production credits. This is the first project for Ferguson’s newly-formed production company Green Mountain West. “As creator and producer of the show,” says Cho, “I’m looking forward to starring in something that’s based on my life and my standup routines.” Cho is particularly proud of the team he’s assembled. “Craig Ferguson is unique,” Cho says. “Most major TV stars don’t go to network meetings. But Craig does. He’s 100% involved. His input is invaluable. Because he’s also a standup comic, he gets everything I’m trying to do. Jim Hope will co-write the show with me. We’ve been looking for a project to work on together for the last 17 years. Now we have that opportunity.”