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Evil villains. Crime bosses. They get all the credit without ever getting their hands dirty. They implement plans of violence, chaos and mayhem and sit back while the hired help do all the dirty work. So who is this hired help, and where do they come from? Do they have health insurance? Families? What do they do in their free time? Meet Ted, Roy, and Herbert. HENCHMEN. Presented in a crude style animation with real-life backgrounds and objects. Henchmen gives us a hilarious look inside the lives of the overworked criminals who get neither credit nor respect, and are much less intimidating than they think they are. But do they really deserve any credit when anything that can go wrong usually does? The series is set in Toledo, Ohio, which provides a gritty backdrop as a medium sized city that sits just south of Detroit, between Chicago and New York City. It works as a central hub for organized crime, with easy access to big cities while still keeping a safe distance away. Created and written by NickWizz, Andrew D. Smith, Chad Ackerman, and Todd Ackerman. Henchmen is sure to make you laugh, albeit uncomfortably, at the situations they find themselves in during day to day activities.