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heather_kerr heather_kerr

I'm an old, washed up character actress who was Nina Foch's young protoge 30 years ago. Nina just passed away, sadly. She was an incredible woman and a very dear friend to me. I am married to the 'legendary' rock drummer (and greatest person I've ever known) Thom Mooney. He is soon to debut as 'Kloyd' on the cinecyber scene, so... you'll see, then, what a fine actor he is, as well. He will also be playing a drunk. Thank you for checking us out! High five! p.s. as an aside... I live with Multiple Autoimmune Diseases that (according to the Doctors who diagnosed me 30+ years ago at UCLA)should have killed me by now. I am clearly not dead, nor have I any plans to be in the near future. I believe that it's absolutely vital to learn to laugh at oneself and, hopefully, make others laugh, as well. That's all! GRATITUDE!

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