Happy Pancakes with Robert Buscemi


Happy Pancakes with Robert Buscemi Happy Pancakes with Robert Buscemi

From talking pancakes to human-bird romances to nice outfits, "HAPPY PANCAKES with Robert Buscemi" is a delightful romp through the comic’s wildly fertile imagination. With contributions from acclaimed visual artists and star turns from LA’s finest comedians and actors, this charming web series will mesmerize both young and old, feathered and scaled. A collection of fast-cut sketches, artful interludes, music video-ettes, stand-up comedy, all toggling between pancake, bird, and human worlds – these hilarious and surreal episodic adventures are designed to tickle. And one more thing: PANKAYKAY FOR PRESIDENT, for a butter tomorrow. Contributors: Robert Buscemi, Tanya Leal Soto, Janet T. Planet, Matt Crookshank and more Music: Robert G. Scott