Happy Holidays 2014 Happy Holidays 2014

Happy Holidays 2014


Love, Leah Shore Directed/Animated/Stuff by: Leah Shore MUSIC BY: HOLIDAY PARTY and Fritz Myers featuring Gus the lounge singer with the Gingerbread Man and Lil' Fruitcake Produced by Platitude Music holidayparty.bandcamp.com/track/jingle-bells Animation: Sarah Miskoff Intern: Charlie Curley "We'd love to spend Christmas Day at Leah's house, she must have some pretty wild Christmas' to come up with this shit!" - Animated Review "A new holiday greeting for your friends and family that expresses everything you want to, but can't." -Gingerbread Man "Leah Shore rules the animated holiday greeting card game" - Lizzi Akana "I would love to be icinged all over as well." -Gingerbread Man "Leah Shore be crazy cool, yo" - Anonymous inspired by SFWP collegehumor.com/video/3593576/safe-for-work-porn Read More…