Happee Unicorn Studios

"Life Is Better Funny."

Did you know Happee Unicorn is powered by actual Unicorns?! Yup, and since they finally found a way to harness the power of a Unicorn horn (and with no federal regulations in the way) they were able to build thousands of Unicorn Sweatshops all around the world to pump out cartoon after cartoon for your personal enjoyment!! OK, so maybe that's stretching the truth. In reality, Happee Unicorn is brought to by the smallest group of passionate, dedicated people consisting of 1 Artist to create and animate everything you see and 4 talented writers who make the jokes happen! We're a very small operation but have a huge desire to create the cartoons "WE" want to watch. So sit back and enjoy our weird and sometimes twisted sense of humor! And always remember, "Life Is Better Funny." Happee Unicorn Studios is a Los Angeles based Animation company that produces a variety of original animated cartoons designed for entertaining grown-ups around the world.