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Gabby Tary was born in Hungary and raised in Budapest.
Just a teen ager, Gabby was a freedom fighter and fought against the communists in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

Gabby Tary, an actress, comedian, writer, artist, a well trained actor, has played roles from Ferenc Molnar to Neil Simon. Gabby is known for 'Aimy in a Cage' (2014) a feature film directed by Hooroo Jackson and co-stared in 'The Harvest' (2006). Classically trained, Gabby started her career as a child. She played staring roles as a regular member of the Budapest National Children Theater as well as being a member of Herbert Berghof Theater in New York.
Gabby also appeared in TV Shows and Commercials , the first Arsenio Hall Show, Gateway Commercial and Fox Sports News, just to name a few.. Always honing the craft, Gabby also studied stand up comedy at the American Comedy Institute in New York with Stephen Rosenfield. Gabby also produces Live comedy events. When performing stand up comedy Gabby's unique perspective on life will make you laugh and think! She finds humor wherever truth is in jeopardy.
Gabby has been performing stand up comedy for over 20 years. She has performed as an MC, Featured and Headlined. Gabby's comedic voice has a political twist. She lists Lewis Black as asource of inspiration.Gabby also recently wrote and published "Congratulations, it's a communism!" a political comedy. Gabby combines her experience as an immigrant with her ability to entertain in order to show people a point view of a Hungarian immigrant.
“Looking forward to working in the next Emmy Award USA series or in any feature film opposite Kevin Hart!”