Greg Houston Greg Houston

Greg Houston

I'm an illustrator. That's pretty much about it. I teach once in awhile. I enjoy hopping trains and riding the rails. I once shot a man just for snoring... in a movie theater. I've been told my breath smells like success but as far as I can tell, it just smells like breath. I wrote and illustrated two graphic novels, "Vatican Hustle" and "Elephant Man"- both fro NBM Publishing ( which is the reason I've joined Funny Or Die. The promos that I shot for the books (along w/ my pal Cary Anderson, genius behind "Chad and the Alien Toupee"-- also viewable here on Funny Or Die) have been deposited here for your infotation. Enjoy! Then but my damn books. I was told they'd sell themselves but that was clearly not the case. Then go to my website ( and marvel at my work.