rick rick


my videos are actually short. They keep replaying !!!

HI, my name I Rick and I have a warped dark sense of humor and the videos I do are only acting{Bad acting} of character's I made up board with my lap top setting in my bed because I had a benign brain tumor mostly all removed and after surgery It really messed me up. TO the smart as_'s out there my humor has always been warped. I had work for a Republican State run Government for 23 years and according to the Neurologist it had been there for over 10 years slowly growing and I worked for a long time no knowing that, I had head aches but thought they were just migraines. Anyway the Republican Run State Job I worked at was downsized with a reduction in force and 700 people were thrown out into the street who got paid very little. The man that did it and the other two that knew gave himself a 22,500.00 bonus for taking his job that paid him 250,000 a year& 2,000 extra a month for housing expenses. I had long term disability coverage and they still deny me my retirement. I was never political until I started investigating via the internet and saw all this corruption. That is why I make videos in support of our elected President.