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Craig Goodwill

Craig Goodwill’s career as a writer/director in film and television for over 12 years has been filled with unbelievable experiences, shaping his passion for film and the arts. Most recently his film Patch Town was selected to Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, and more recently won the “Best in Show” category at Best Shorts Festival in Los Angeles. Goodwill began his film career as a producer/director’s assistant on such iconic Hollywood films as Good Will Hunting, 54, Driven, Superstar, Storm of the Century, Loser, and more. Since, Goodwill has traveled the world from Haiti to India directing and producing for National Geographic, CBC, Alliance Atlantis, Bravo, HGTV, and most recently completed a feature documentary called Godless, which is documents the rise of Atheism through modern times. In addition to his award-winning work as a commercial director/editor for Nike, Bank of America, and Nokia, to name a few, Goodwill’s films have also been selected to appear at world-renowned film festivals.