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wait WHAT?

Summon the hustle... This page is still under construction I Bring The Silly! I hereby redub it UNCOMMON SENSE cause it ain't that common anymore I will soon complete my dream of having the worlds largest collection of green stuffed monkeys(thanx dragginfleye), folks I really do have a large collection of green stuffed monkeys... This is where I let people know what I do and what I'm doing. A spot for fans, new friends, and especially old acquaintances. I don't see any point in growing up when I can make this much playing make believe... Where you are now in life is a result of choices u have made. Mel's Diner its the new Perkins... Anyone who cant appreciate a bit of the random funny should move on now I ain't called "harsh reality guy" cause I got the t-shirt... A verbal contest will only get your feelings hurt ... sarcasm is a way of life, it helps me not hurt people... people amuse and annoy me... I do not suffer fools lightly...