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Girlof1000Faces Girlof1000Faces

Chantal is a modern-day Anne Margret with a sultry voice, a potty mouth, and the longest legs in town! This fiery red head, an ex ballerina w/ the Boston Ballet, was repped by WMA until recently - her agent retired, due to illness. LINK to about 100 acting & comedy pictures (Chantal is the Girl of 1000 faces) http//viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=160168730&albumId=75138 LINK TO HER COMEDY CHANNEL www.youtube.com/girlof1000faces "Chantal has the sexiest voice on YouTube!" -- her CyberStalker "Actress, Comedienne, Klutz -- Chantal Boccaccio is as hilarious as she is psychotic." --Chantal's Mother "Chantal Boccaccio is the Poster Child for a Restraining Order!" --LAPD Spokesman Like Tina Fey and Tracey Ulman, Chantal is a comedienne, dancer and TV show creator, formerly repped by the William Morris Agency (charges are still pending). Hailing from a show biz family, Chantal Boccaccio was a dancer with Boston Ballet (her mother was a Rockette). She has starred in 60 national TV commercials (she was the Pringles Girl!), and many seriously forgettable B movies. She's danced on TV a zillion times, and twice on Ganymede (Jupiter's largest moon). She's created TV pilots for several networks, including ShowTime, A&E, Tru TV and National Geographic. To see some of the shows she's created, go to YouTube.com/NaughtySchoolGirls To see her Comedy Channel, go to YouTube.com/girlof1000faces Chantal portrays 11 characters in 7 minutes in (her SNL audition piece) "Perfect Choice Internet Dating." She shot this video in 2 hours, including hair and make up. Originally, her A&E producer was going to godfather the tape to SNL producers as her audition piece, until he was shipped off to Africa to work on Chimp Eden for Animal Planet. Stupid Monkeys. Chantal Boccaccio Television Won't Know What Hit it! www.CBoccaccio.com