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Myspace http// Facebook http//!/pages/Ghost-Writers-Official-Page/173717017126?ref=ts Download my Mixtape http// My Youtube http// Well I am now a 16 year old rapper junior year in high school. I started fiddling with rap at 13, but really got into rap music and creating it at 14. I got my first mic last year in the summer and just got a new one this year. Rap music/HipHop is something that should have meaning and lyrics behind the words, rather than just a catchy toon that is pointless(i believe). That is what i try to do in my songs, i may slip sometimes and put in a pointless song here and there but it is never an often occurrence. Well thats basically all i have to say, so feel free to check out some songs on my page. If you like what you hear then subscribe and tell your friends about me.