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Paranormal research with an emphasis on bad taste.

GHOST TREK was featured on both and in the "Indie Spotlight" on Halloween 2012. Tagline GHOST TREK Paranormal research with an emphasis on bad taste Winner of a 2011 Corman Award for "Best Comedy" at Fright Night Film Fest, also 2011 Silver Addy Award for "Best Film Presentation Package", and the "Viewer's Choice Award" at Mad Monster Party 2012. GHOST TREK doesn't take itself too seriously, combining dope and bro humor with the paranormal. Creator Michael Plumides says, "GHOST TREK is like Entourage meets Scooby Doo meets The Office. It follows the Paranormal Underworld Detective Society (PUDS) as they investigate haunts across the U.S. and abroad between tanning beds, babes, body-building, and bong hits -- all the while risking life and limb capturing the undead and unexplained on video." "Ghost Trek can best be described as 'Reno 911' meets 'Ghost Hunters' and... they're the funniest bunch of paranormal researchers since Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz and Egon Spengler." - DREAD CENTRAL "...Ridiculously entertaining and deserving of a whole season of follow up episodes" - FILM THREAT "Fun..." - MORE HORROR "Haunted Hilarity..." FEARnet "...a faux reality show lampooning all of the ghost hunting shows on TV today (like a GRAVE ENCOUNTERS comedy)." Famous Monsters of Filmland Plumides is shooting a brand new episode of GHOST TREK entitled, "The Goomba Body Snatchers Mortuary Lockdown... and Panel Show" beginning November 26, 2012, which he will screen at the the MAD MONSTER PARTY on March 23rd at 7PM. Go here for ticket information. This material has fantastic branding potential and is garnishing interest in the industry exponentially. Welcome to the GHOST TREK.