Carl Carl


Will My friend has your face on her Arm. please contact us!!!!!!

Hopefully this does indeed reach Will Ferrell. Will My friend Grace is turning 25 this February 14th you've met her before about 5'6, Hispanic brown hair, has your face tattooed on her arm you know average girl. I thought it would be awesome if we could get you to say happy birthday to her via video! She truly is you're biggest fan she has every movie you've ever been in she even has that one movie that involved a Cat being put into the wall it was disturbing and you only had one line. Will if you were to say happy birthday to grace it would kill her I mean that quite literally she would die , you can be a murderer Will and if that isn't enough to convince you to say happy birthday to Grace I'll be videotaping me performing one of your movies in 30 seconds or less and posting them here! Every week until Grace's Birthday passes or you get tired of me butchering your films