Happy or unhappy, that's a question!!!

Claudia Claudia

I was not born into naturism. I was brought up in a very open-minded and accepting household, and as a kid I was often given the chance to skinny dip in our neighbors' pools. At about age 5 or 6, I would find myself having "deep" conversations with my friends about why we even had to wear clothes since it felt so great to just be naked, but I never questioned an adult about it. Then at age 12 my parents bought me my first computer and I wandered upon some naturists sites. Being a horny little 12 year old, I fell into the immediate thought of nudity = sex. After looking through a few sites and reading the stories, I realized that nudity did not always equal sex, and that there were indeed others out there like me who enjoyed being clothes free, without the arousal. At age 14, I discovered that was a resort about an hour away from where I lived, and I was determined to get there. At that point, I proclaimed myself a naturist...but in the closet about it. After sending the resort a few e-mails, they replied and said I had to be 18 or accompanied by a guardian. Disappointed, I spent the next four years of my life sporadically skinny dipping in lakes and pools around the area. And then I finally turned 18, and summer was beginning. I called the local resort and told them I was coming. I drove there, signed in, and spent the entire day nude with a bunch of friendly naturists. I went swimming, hiking, spent some time in the hot tub, and then socialized for a little while. I had finally become a naturist.