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is gay and legally married to his wonderful husband.

Happily (and legally) married to my American husband as we enjoy life together in Canada and the USA. I am passionate about educating and debating facts regarding the lack of rights and blatant DISCRIMINATION toward gay couples in the USA. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I call YesOn8won and ChristopherN79 (banned from this website) XTIAN because they are not true Christians. True Christians don't go to websites and bash people with ignorance and hateful terminology (they call homosexuals "FAG" and wish us death and suffering). True Christians are like my parents, whom when they respectfully disagree with others do not create stress and stir up anger. True Christians are civil and Christ-like. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gay marriage is what we fight for, especially against homophobes and religious extremists who lie about homosexuality -- and the objective that me and my husband fight for with every passing day.

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