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Gang Entertainment is a collaborative group of independent filmmakers based in Chicago, IL. Our production crew includes a wide variety of talented people, from writers, artists and directors to composers, editors, and actors. Our early experiences making movies in high school led us to pursue our education in film production at the University of Illinois @ Chicago. Having graduated college, we've expanded into the world of professional production in many ways, from local event videography studios to Hollywood movie production assistants. The core of our independent work in the past has been a comedic take on our experiences in high school and college, while also creating humorous spoofs of our favorite movies and video games. Here at our site, we present all of our movies for your entertainment. DVDs of our work are on sale in our humble for anyone who wishes to support our future productions. Our hope is that one day our work will reach a much larger audience, and as we pursue our professional careers, we are always open to new ideas on just how we can do that. Drop an e-mail to if you're interested in helping us expand our operation.

Doin' Stuff: Season 07 16 items PLAY ALL

The Gang is back, and they're making more of the videos YOU wanna see! It's a brand new day for Terry, Mike, and the rest of The Gang as they leave the conquered rubble of UIC's film department behind and forge ahead into the real world! What new challenges await them? What are they going to make fun of now that they're not in school anymore? Can they do it without Mike's basement? One thing's for sure - their way of life will never be the same!

The Search for Pappas 4 items PLAY ALL

When Pappas suddenly disappears, it's up to The Gang to unite and find him. But as Terry, Mike and Jay soon learn, there is much more going on than meets the eye. The Gang doesn't just have to find Pappas...they've got to save the world! See more at

Doin' Stuff: Season 05 23 items PLAY ALL

School is back in session, and this time, The Gang is taking a bite out of art! Terry, Mike, Tyler, Joey, and the rest of the College Crew are back for more on-campus shenanigans in this compilation of video projects from their third year of college! Why waste your time with "video art" when you can have a Hoop Dow?

Doin' Stuff: Season 01 10 items PLAY ALL

Terry, Mike, Pappas, Eric, and Ben. In 8th grade, these five friends came up with more crazy crap than they ever thought they would. Here in this hour and a half movie, they tell their tale. Journey into their past, present, and FUTURE with La Chaqueta, The Adventures of Stalley, The Aussie Hunter...and much, MUCH more! They are The Gang, and this is their story.

Doin' Stuff: Season 03 9 items PLAY ALL

Terry, Mike, Pappas and Jay are back and doin' more stuff than ever before! Kick back and enjoy the "Gang Wars" lightsaber battles, Terry's school film projects, Mike's solo adventures at St. Laurence and Dominick's, and much more! These are...The Gang Adventures!

Viral Video 1 item PLAY ALL

Life as an artist is hard. Nobody knows this better than Tyler, Mike, and Joey - three video art students struggling to get their work recognized. That all changes when a mysterious viral video is leaked on the internet...a video they don't remember making! The answers they seek lie with a mysterious stranger and an even more ominous threat from a shady Council of Elders watching their every move! It's The Gang as you've never seen them before in an all-new original adventure! See more at

Doin' Stuff: Season 02 6 items PLAY ALL

In the midst of The Gang's darkest hour, Terry and Mike attempt to make a sequel to Doin' Stuff. They failed...bad. See The Gang muddle through such foibles as The Blaire Pappas Project and...some other crap. Watch it...then never speak of it again.

Doin' Stuff: Season 04 14 items PLAY ALL

The Gang embarks on their greatest journey ever as they venture into the perils of college! Join Mike & Terry, along with friends old & new, in this compilation of video projects from their first two years of college!

Doin' Stuff: Season 06 12 items PLAY ALL

It's the end of the road for The Gang. Mike, Tyler, Joey, and the rest of the College Crew have struggled against the forces of UIC for over four years. Graduation now looms overhead, but they must endure one last final injustice...before victory is their's. Join them in their final days with this compilation of their 2006-2007 film & video projects, and help take a bite out of last time...

The Gang Wars 2 items PLAY ALL

For years, an evil Council of Elders has been working from the shadows to destroy The Gang. Now, they're hatching a scheme to finish The Gang once and for turning them against each other! With the lives of their friends at stake, will Terry and Mike be able to unite The Gang to fight off this evil threat? Or will this "Gang War" be their final battle? See more at