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Louis CK creaetd this cocktail after a serious bender. Thank you Louie for your groundbreaking mixology! stand up, comedy, sketch, how to, gross, history

This is a Dangerfield's classic! Rodney used to make the Slimey Seinfeld for Jerry when he was a young boy - just starting out his stand up career on the Dangerfield stage! comedy seinfeld stand up comedy

How People Used To Wake Up In The 1980s 1980s, 80s, funny

Download 'All In' By Slicky. Via iTunes. - - - - Hip-Hop, Grime, Rap, UK, Artist Yup, this is my life again with my friends Tom Xander & Janiek! I hope you enjoyed my day in my life with my friends! this is def not a typical day but it was fun! I have filmed every thing what i have done like dress... broken leg, almost broken leg, A Day In My Life Michiel Marto, michiel marto, day in life, day in my life, morning routine, day in the life, a day in the life, day in my life montage, a day in life montage, a day in my life montage, day life routine, my daily routine, morning routine 2017, day in my life routine, day in my life timelapse, day in the life youtuber, day in the life michiel marto, day in the life montage, day in the life daily routine, day in the life routine

Holiday in the sun holiday

Chelsea works a holiday party at Cantina. Bad news is handled badly... workplace comedy, funny, lol, restaurant, web series, haha, video, sketch comedy, funn, improv, holiday party, sketch, feminism, women in comedy, original series

Chelsea works Lost & Found and meets a top investor of Cantina. Someone forgets their scarf... comedy, workplace comedy, funny, lol, haha, restaurant, web series, women, feminism, women in film, women in comedy, snl, ucb, saturday night live, sketch comedy, original series, improv, new york city

Chelsea requests off for vacation. Not everyone is so lucky... comedy, web series, lol, funny, workplace comedy, restaurant, survival job, new york city, snl, ucb, saturday night live, sketch comedy, sketch, improv, feminism, women in comedy, women in film, women, indie

Dino Gomez SEO marketing testimonial from Kyle Brown, Celebrity Fitness Personal Trainer. Dino helped Kyle to systemize his business by positioning him online in a manner that would generate leads for him on auto pilot. The results of which has a... Digital Marketing

Chelsea works coat check at Cantina. Somebody hands her what they think is a ticket... comedy, web series, funny, workplace comedy, work, restaurant, original, original series, UCB, SNL, funny video, hilarious, lol, sketch, sketch comedy, improv, new york city, survival job, pilot, women in comedy, women in film, feminism

Tema: VocĂȘ conhece? Assuntos; 5 Criaturas assustadoras. Canal D-ART criaturas, pre-historico, canal d-art, d-art, d-art curiosidades, curiosidades

it's no Day at the Beach, or, at least, it shouldn't be for these folks. a Baywatch Parody Trailer, Baywatch, The Rock, Parody, Trailer, Spoof, Zach Efron, The Hoff, Beach, Dendo, onewordnocaps

It isn't exactly real, but it sure feels real. Fun spin on the "How It's Made" genre. sausage, hot dog, how it's made, how it's really made, documentary, spoof, satire, parody

This Dad won't tolerate any funny business... dad catches daughter having sex, overprotective dad, dad catches daughter hooking up

You gotta start learning to take care of yourself. Credits: Kid - K Grandpa - Jerry Jennings Mom - Ashllee Toll Writer - Robert Beamer Camera - Anthony Jr. Producers - Robert Beamer and Brett Udis Edited by - Robert Beamer and Brett Udis... peas, different situations, comedy, strange comedy, vegetables, eat your greens, grandpa, sketch comedy

The REAL reason casting workshops are no more... comedy, web series, webseries, monique kim, emily sansiri, casting director, workshop, high expectasians

Chelsea works brunch at Cantina. Someone tries to check a bike. comedy, workplace comedy, restaurant, lol, funny, webseries, sketch, sketch comedy, ucb, saturday night live, SNL, women, women in comedy, new york city

Chelsea trains at Cantina. comedy, restaurant, workplace comedy, lol, video, webseries, sketch, sketch comedy, survival jobs, sitcom, pilot, comedy pilot, UCB, saturday night live, improv, new york city, series premiere

Here is a live performance of the Bee Gees debut American single in 1967. Bee Gees, The Bee Gees, New York Mining Disaster of 1941, Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Robin Gibb, music, music video, parody

If the Miss Universe competition HAD a talent portion, we know what Miss Russia's special talent would be... russia, russiagate, trump, donald trump, missuniverse, politics

United doesn't treat first class passengers much better... united airlines passenger dragged out of first class, united airlines, united