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Highland Valley Public Access' hottest late-night talk show is back with another season of "Shooting to Stardom with Chaze Lopez". Sit back & be wowed by Chaze as he passes you the keys to success with interviews with Hollywood's biggest movers & ... Talk show, #comedy, public access, Bing Bong Industries, black creators, black filmmakers, latino creastors, latino filmmakers, latinx creators, latinx filmmakers

The Super Sentai Series (スーパー戦隊シリーズ Sūpā Sentai Shirīzu?) is the name given to the long running Japanese "superhero team" genre of shows produced by Toei and Bandai and aired by TV Asahi, that is used as the basis for Power Rangers. ("Super" refer... power rangers

We were asked to review a mattress, but things got a little out of hand... weed, mattress, review, setup, unbox, high, trip, smoke, unboxing, purple, pink, xfiles, x-files

A comedic daily news show written and hosted by Steve Belanger. Today's topics include new intelligence leaks, Paul Manafort, bad 80's albums and our permanent records. Check us out on Instagram @yesterdaytoday_thewebseries and Facebook htt... Devin Nunes, Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, fake news

These girls made an epic 90s music video and you have to watch it. Everything you've ever missed about the 90s, while missing your best friend, in one music video. Bonnie Tyler, Epic, Music Video, 90's, R&B, Boyz II Men, Wilson Phillips, Ballad, Love Song, Best Friends, Comedy, Funny, Barry White, 80's, Boy Band, Philly Swain, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan J Reynolds

Retro Furniture commercial from Chicago Furniture nightmare

Cat and Snake cat, snake, funy

Tired of the criminal justice system constantly trying to destroy the evidence of your sexual assault? Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) introduces "The Sexual Assault Survivor's Utility Belt", the perfect accessory that gives you all the tools you'l... Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black, Sexual Assault, Survivor, Utility Belt, Toolbelt, Rape Kit, Police, Evidence, Accessory, Parody, Rise

As the House prepares to vote to repeal Obamacare, Eugene Mirman, Hari Kondabolu and Greg Proops offer Republican-friendly enhancements to the GOP's proposed health care bill. Watch full episodes of @midnight now -- no login required: http://on... Chris Hardwick, @midnight, at midnight, After Midnight, Nerdist, @midnight full episodes, comedy central, stand up comedy, comedians, comedy central comedians, comedy, funny, Eugene Mirman, Hari Kondabolu, Greg Proops, Trump Administration, health, health insurance, health care, House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, comedian, funny video, comedy videos, stand up videos, funny jokes, funny clips, hilarious videos, hilarious clips

IT'S THE RAYBOUND'S ANNIVERSA-RAY! Celebrate with us by watching our brand new Sports Rayport: Danny Helps President Trump Fill Out His March Madness Bracket. president trump, trump, march madness, college basketball, putin, russia, duke, north carolina

Summer is around the corner! It's that time of year to think about must have collections to be added in your swimwear collections. But what about colors tough one to crack? Not at all. The color trends which are total fashion yay this summer time ... Color trends, Swimwears

A couple falls in love - see how they form a bond from the first fart to the first poop poop, comedy, fart, couple, love, falling in love, two girls one cup, breaking the barrier, toot, doody, funny, toothbrush, toilet, bathroom, fubra, man, woman, farting, pooping, loving, being in love, making love, kiss

Is it just me or is this trailer for 'The Boss Baby' just that voice mail of Alec Baldwin yelling at his 11 year old daughter? Boss, baby, Boss Baby, Alex, Baldwin, The boss baby, Sketch, bing, Bong, Animation, animated movie, Bing Bong Industries, BBI, Bing Bong, Alec, Alec Baldwin, SNL, dreamworks, dreamworks animation, coming soon, preview, trailer, Boss baby trailer, official trailer, The boss baby official trailer, #1

My mother carried on a conversation with a complete stranger for DAYS while I was left in the car impatiently waiting on her. funny, barbados, comedy, viral, comedian, comedienne, rihanna, kevin hart, tyler perry, madea, hilarious, funny or die, college humour

On the mean streets of Chicago, anything can hap--oh, wow, that went well. Keys, Down Cellar Comedy, Chicago Comedy, Chicago, Comedy, Funny, Hilarious, Surprise

Ronnie Snapped...Something is brewin' and it isn't a Mccafe.... Ronaldsnaps, disgruntledmcdonalds, wwrd, ronnielayin'low

When asked about the White House Correspondents' Dinner Gwen said... Occupy Wall Street, 1% News, Gwendolyn Bradford, Andy Caploe, Cynthia Adler, John Halpern, Zuccotti Park, New York City, Satire

Global Warming Creates Jobs ~ 1% Gwendolyn Bradford discusses the blessing of global warming. Visit for more views from Gwen, a member of The 1% (y) Occupy Wall Street, 1%, News, Jobs, Global Warming, Catastrophic Events, Gwendolyn Bradford, Andy Caploe, Cynthia Adler, John Halpern, Zuccotti Park, New York City, Satire, SAM I AM PROductions

Stevie Welles, United Corporate Concern Television Network (UCC) CEO, discusses the benefits of surrogate sentencing initiated by corporations. She answers questions about how vital and beneficial it is for corporations to enlist John Does as surr... Surrogate, Sentencing, Corporations, Manipulation, News, American Idol, Corporate Crime, Crime, Stevie Welles, UCC, Cynthia Adler, Andy Caploe, Satire, America, John DiLeva Halpern, John Henry Cox, SAM I AM PROductions

Two roommates talk about shooting a sketch, but they don't end up shooting a sketch. Real life sketch comedy problems. sketch, sketch comedy, skit, comedy sketch, shoot sketch, funny, fuckit, fuck it, lol, wtf, omg, rofl, roflcopter, fuck hash tags, fuck trump, ivanka's ass, lick my ass, eat my ass, eat ass, ass food, snl, saturday night live

When you can fart in front of your girl, it's love. Until then, squeeze them buns and keep the gas locked up. Sketch Comedy, Not On Farting Terms, Sketchy, Comedy, Farts, Dating, Farting Terms, Relationships, Sketchy Comedy, Lol, Laugh Out Loud, Funny, Sketch, Skit, Farting, New Video, YouTube, SNL, Film, Stinky, Smelly, Dates Gone Wrong, Date Night, Dates, Everyone Farts, Significant OTher, Comedy Central, Coming In Hot, Stank, Humor, Bro Humor, Bro Comedy, Fart Jokes, Jokes, Fun, TV Show, Sitcom, Television, Toot

A disease infecting men across the nation since Adam and Eve. A cure is yet to be discovered. Sketch Comedy, Sketchy, Comedy, Bro Humor, Penis, Brain, Penis Brain, Sketchy Comedy, Laugh Out Loud, Adam and Eve, Women, Girl Problems, Dating, It's Complicated, No Control, Manipulation, Sex, Excuse, Dump, Hypnosis, Disease, Thinking With Your Dick, Love, Mind, Power, Body, Health, SNL, YouTube, Comedic, Comedian, Stand-up Comedy, Sitcom, Laugh, Bro Comedy, College Humor, Humour, Comic, Jokes, Date