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Indian dude dancing with 3 hot chicks - grosses them out with his bald hair - then uses hair product and they love him with a full head of hair. hair, hair loss, herbal, commercial, comedy, parody, indian, dancing, accent, haha, lol

Hey You Guys | A weekly sketch show written and directed By: Stacey McGunnigle webseries, stacey mcgunnigle, morning routine, parody, youtubers, beauty and fashion, sketch show, sketch, comedy, vogue, marie claire, womens health, women

Francis lexus jones burnt her self masterbating in the bathtub airbear, masterbating, funny, hilarious, comedy, francis, jones, bathtub

More fake news, more made up shit! All in the headline baby! fake news, bigfoot, Steven Bucky Butler, Bucky Butler, Bucky Talk, news, fake, newspaper, sex with bigfoot, made up, make believe, not real, liar, reporter, reporting, 2017, sex, caught, captured bigfoot, found bigfoot, lost and found, retro, national news, news show, fake news show, paranormal, monster, monsters, random

Welcome back to the Fake News Show! Reporting and Making Up Fake News since 2017! Disney, fake news, fake, news, EA, EA Sports, video game, video games, buy, buys, Disney buys EA, make up, make believe, Steven Bucky Butler, Bucky Butler, Bucky Talk, Mickey Mouse, reporting, reporter, CNN, 2017, fake news show, news show, parody news show, football, sports, sport, fighting, newspaper, newspaper hat, newspapers, yellow, make shit up, random, Fox News, CNBC, funny, yelling, talking head, talking heads, blog, vlog, video blog

At the Fake News Show it's fake news 24/7! Here's a funny fake news story about a heavy metal band buying an old rival out! fake news, Metallica, Napster, downloads, download, news, Bucky Talk, newspaper, newspapers, yellow, 2017, 24/7, funny news, Steven Bucky Butler, Bucky Butler, heavy metal, rock and roll, music downloads, retro, lawsuit, fake news headlines, news headlines, funny news headlines, headlines, news show, TV show, web series, 2018, buy out, sell out, horns, horn

It's Aquaman vs. Namor to find out who is the true king of the sea! aquaman vs. namor, aquaman, namor, Namor, Aquaman, Marvel, Marvel Comics, DC, DC Comics, King of the Sea, king of the sea, Steven Bucky Butler, Bucky Talk, Bucky Butler, Plastic Man, superheroes, underwater, good guys, good guy, superhero, super, super dudes, the boss, boss, king, kings, royal, fight club, duel, feud, brawl, toys, action figures, action figure, figure, fictional characters, character, characters, fictional, 2017, water, the deep, the deep blue sea, the sea, the seven seas, 40's, 1940's, 1930's, 30's, old time, zoo, water world, team up, judge

Who is the better wild man? Watch and find out! kamala, beast, Beast, Kamala, X-Men, Marvel Comics, comic books, WWE, WCW, TNA, TNA Wrestling, wrestling, wild man, wild, man, Steven Bucky Butler, Bucky Talk, Bucky Butler, superheroes, Johnny Cash, Hulk Hogan, WWE Hall of Fame, legends, legend, Doom Patrol, crossover, wrestler, wrestlers, pro wrestler, pro wrestling, TNT, 2017, heroes, hero, bad guy, savages, savage, apes, ape, mad men, mad man, crazy, crazy people, parody, fake fight, weird, brawl, funny

Who is the better teenage superhero? Watch and you'll find out! shazam, TMNT, Captain Marvel, dream fight, teenagers, teenager, crossover, dream crossover, action figure debate, debate, action figure, Steven Bucky Butler, Bucky Butler, Bucky Talk, DC Comics, Superman, pizza, donatello, Donatello, artists, artist, comic book, comic books, comics, 2017, brawl, funny fight, funny, fight, teens, teen, tween, kids, kids show, TV legends, TV, superheroes, superhero, stone, gods, turtles, turtle, god

Enjoy the evolution and contrast of taking a dirty song, making it clean, then making it dirtier. To see more of Jon Zampese's talents: https://www.faceb... TheBrusca, Justin Brusca, Jon Zampese, Music & Comedy, Virtual Vaudeville, Erotic Comedy, Fit Fro 40, BitSkitsAndGravy, Music Lesson, Brusca, Zampese, Justin, Jon, Funny, Humor, Song, dirty lyrics, comedy song, sketch song, outtakes, deleted scenes, explicit lyrics, adult humor, sun in my sky, dick in your eye, perverted

When the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) decided to not only grade their students but make those grades public, the world was never the same. Featuring Jeff Cerulli Brian McGuinness TJ Del Reno Written, Directed & Edited by Jeff Cerulli UCB, upright Citizens Brigade, sketch, improv, writing, comedy, snl, science

Donna Tramp, founder and, ah, only member of Confused Trannies For Trump 'celebrates' the recent rise of the Great Orange One...(satire) Trump, Trump satire, Trump parody, White-supremacist, Anti-racist, Spoof, Sketch, Transvestte

All I want for Christmas is a big ass box of kittens. meow, cats, kittens, music, rap, christmas, christmasmusic, present, holidays, meowmix, mix, hiphop, rapmusic, skit, short, gremlins, gizmo, hiss, thenewbatch, sample, obama, mama, drama, sketch

I might hate myself in the morning on Monday, but Ima still do it again every Sunday sunday, funday, sundayfunday, brunch, drinking, party, funny, comedy, short, animated, animation, cartoon, mimosa, wild, crazy, wasted, drunk, u2, bono, sundaybloodysunday, bloodymary, music, musicvideo, rap, hiphop, dance

Well here we go again, Dan and Phillip, trying to see if the panel wants to see them again or banish them to the tower. jokes, comedy, standup comedy, web series, neflix, hulu, tv series, funny, funny videos, hilarious, funny shit

Forget Russia. Could the world's fear of female wrinkles have done Hillary Clinton in? ageism; sexism; looksism; Hillary Clinton; feminism; comedy; humor

Here's today's news. I'm Chris Rubeiz and I do this for fun. You can find me on Netflix playing Hank the Plumber or as Jimmy in Ecupid. You may also find on Nick @ Nite's Hollywood Heights or in your wildest dreams...if you dream of chubby du... fake news, comedy, funny, news, anchor, police, weekend update, snl

7th Heaven star needs a hand but is too old for Stephen Collins, I'm the most air time Scott Baio has gotten lately, and Blake Lively's Cherokee roots are maybe it was her first car in today's episode of The Hollywood Rockin' Wrap Up! Like us on F... celebrity, gossip, news, tmz, e!, entertainment tonight, access hollywood, the daily show, tosh.0, @midnight, extra, dish nation, stephen colbert, conan, jimmy fallon, jimmy kimmel, jason hadley, comedy central, 7th heaven, scott baio, blake lively

President-elect Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States taking office on January 20th 2017. We have the (fake news) scoop on the phone call he shared with President Obama regarding his inauguration speech. A sketch by ... Donald Trump, Barack Obama, President-elect, President, Obama, Trump, Leaked, fake news, President Trump, trump inauguration speech, pokemon, gotta trump 'em all

Brought to you by Kank Wolverang and HANDLTV ftumpch!

The long-awaited official trailer of Riley The Series is finally being released to the public! Discover what all the buzz is about, and share it with your friends on your social profiles... Starring Jennifer Cetrone @jennifercetrone + Emmy® Awa... comedy, series, trailer, web series, riley, riley the series, jennifer cetrone, tv series, digital series, comedy series, coming soon, new trailer, new comedy series, actors, ensemble comedy, quirky comedy, popstar, humor, comedians, comedy actors, funny, hilarious, onset, popular web series, bts comedy

Some people just can't handle PDA. sketch, comedy, sketch comedy, funny, funny or die, pda, get a room, humor, dark humor