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The greatest love song by popular German artist Frank Dar Shitezenhousen. song, comedy, love song, funny dance, farts

Political Satire #SuperfluousPol, GoodDogBADTV, Trump

As all Americans prepare for a world without internet privacy, comedian and all around nice guy Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) has decided to get in front of the scandals that are soon to plague him. With the help of his good friend Jon Hamm (Mad Men), J... Jack McBrayer, Jon Hamm, Privacy, Internet, Internet History, Search History, Browser History, Spying, Government, Surveillance, Hack, Hacking, Leak, Secrets, Scandal, 30 Rock, Mad Men, Civil Rights, ACLU

Amazon's Alexa on the new Echo can give you information even when you don't ask for it. The Ellen Show, Amazon Echo, Alexa, Parody, Sketch, Comedy, Satire

Fun new show with Baloney Macaroni and information you may not believe Old Man Steve, Baloney Macaroni, hacking, Russian

Aladdin and Jasmine move to America, while battling depression, obesity and Trump. comedy, disney, aladdin, jasmine

Alexander Skarsgård gets served into another realm in this Big Little Lies version of the Shooting Stars meme. Big Little Lies, Shooting Stars, Meme, Mashup, Alexander Skarsgård, Alexander Skarsgard, Nicole Kidman, Tennis, Domestic Abuse, HBO

He thought he was just showing his buddy the new digs, but his buddy was ready to get his digs on. Ya Dig? Directed by Anthony Ngo Written by Gary Miller Starring: Nate Pine and Gary Miller https://bestworstc... Toast Future, Toast, Best worst Cantina, Angotango, Anthony Ngo, Nahaniel Pine, Gary Miller, Ben Hilzer, Sketch, Absurdist, Toaster, Day dream, Toaster fucking, Toaster sex

The entire Snapchat/Instagram story from my day watching the new 'Power Rangers' movie five times in a row. power rangers, five in a row reviews, 5 times in a row, 5 in a row, power rangers five times in a row, power rangers five in a row, power rangers 5 in a row, power rangers 5 times in a row, billy, jason, zack, trini, kimberly, kim, pink ranger, red ranger, green ranger, blue ranger, black ranger, yellow ranger, david yost, walter jones

With a brand new scandal brewing every day , Donald Trump & Kellyanne Conway kick back & pine for the Good Old Days , before Trump's inauguration ! Trump, Donald Trump, President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Trump parody, parody, satire, comedy, funny

O Confeiteiro Samurai Tyrone deve treinar o aprendiz Austin para fazer a Grande Torta para a Imperatriz Tasha, enquanto se defendem de Ninjas ladrões de tortas Uniqua e Pablo. Cartoons

Tyrone e Tasha são especialistas em Controle de Missão que mandam seus astronautas intrépidos Uniqua, Pablo e Austin em uma missão para encontrar vida em Marte. Em seu Marte Rover (parte carro, parte robô, parte cachorro) eles descobrem uma Cidade... Cartoons

When your dance partner bails on you when you think your killin it Alcohol

Docker Tutorials for Beginners: In this module will focus on containerisation technology. we will go over the evolution of computing software development and DevOps processes. video source: Docker Tutorials for Beginners

Boldleads Review: Chandler Homeowners: What's your home worth? Find out fast! video source: Boldleads Review

Coming soon to television: Watch Vanilla Ice join Immigration and Customs Enforcement and round up illegal aliens. Trump, Illegal immigration, Vanilla Ice, ICE, comedy, Un, united states, Putin, Obama

Vega$ & Grabber in the culinary challenge of a fluffiness. WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME. YOU WILL DIE. Special thanks to Mr. Joel Daly. Weasel Boy weasel boy, billy vega$, billy vegas, Grabber, roxanne, roxanne marshmallow

After the 2016 Presidential Election a handful of terrified citizens come together for a Trump Terror Support group but it doesn't turn out as supportive as they had hoped. Trump, LBGTQI, Black Lives Matter, Diversity, Politcs, Satire, Therapy, Republicans, SJW, MUSLIM BAN, Election, Sketch Comedy

Are you trying to figure out how to get in touch w/ that long lost crush you can't get offa your mind?! Well, here's a helpful tutorial! Written by Max Azulay Edited by James Corbett The Dr: Alex Mullen Max Azulay as Norm love, tutorial, funny

A couple plots an April Fool's prank that will maintain their legendary status... but they go too far. april, fools, day, prank, couple, relationship, dating, car, driving, death, fake, resurrection

Life is horrible. Enjoy this 2 minutes. Suicide, Matt, Sauve, Matt Sauve, Pills, Bathtub, Failed, Toaster, Gun, Amazin, Amazon, Goodbye Cruel World

When you go in for your check up Ghostintheshell, ghostintheshellmovie, jakegylenhall, princeofpersia, comedy, sketch, doctor, actors, acting, actorlife, funny