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The Backstreet Boys, Kendra Wilkinson, and Olivia Munn in today's episode of The Hollywood Rockin' Wrap Up! Like us on Facebook/RockinWrapUp and follow us on Twitter: @rockinwrapup celebrity, gossip, news, tmz, e!, entertainment tonight, access hollywood, the daily show, tosh.0, @midnight, extra, dish nation, stephen colbert, conan, jimmy fallon, jimmy kimmel, jason hadley, comedy central, john oliver, weekend update, The Backstreet Boys, Kendra Wilkinson, Olivia Munn

To bring or not to bring. Which way do you lean? dinner party, pot luck

Are you sick of dating nothing but creeps and crazy people? Then this video is not for you. forrest gump, rain man, sling blade, sketch, funny, wine bar, dating

In episode 107 of I Love You, America, Sarah Silverman discusses the importance of mindfulness. I Love You, America is available to stream now, only on Hulu! i love you america, ILYAmerica, Sarah Silverman, monologue

Please send your love and well wishes to Sally. She looks terrible! make up, office, misunderstanding, misogony, cookie, biscuits, sketch, comedy, toronto, ontario

Jake Mazursky has a few choice words for The Mattress Man, who has F-bombs to drop. #JakeMazursky, #TheMattressMan, #BenFoster, #PhillipSeymourHoffman

In this EXCLUSIVE we get a possible peak into a bleak and chilling future Cruise may have been facing if someone didn't pull the plug on the doomed-from-the-start DARK UNIVERSE #TomCruise, #TheMummy, #TinsletownTakedown

My last article for the list loving website BuzzFeed. I don't think they truly understood my skill set. Their loss is your gain! #BuzzFeed, #DarinTino, #Tinseltown Takedown, #FrankStallone, #SoCal Newscasters, #BryanWasyluchaHasItComing

11 male strangers assemble for a pathetic Thanksgiving celebration. Men's Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving meal, Awkward, Celebration, Men

When you're dedication to the game goes a little too far. No Activity is now streaming, see what made the cut on CBS All Access. No Activity, CBS All Access, Off The Record, Poser, Deleted Scenes, Extra Footage, Bonus Content, Will Ferrell, Jesse Plemons

Prominent black celebrities Yvette Nicole Brown, Meagan Good, Dulé Hill, and others are here to take Black Friday back! This retail holiday may not be about black people, but Funny Or Die and The Collective PAC want you to know that maybe it's tim... Reclaim Black Friday, The Collective PAC, Funny Or Die, Meagan Good, Dulé Hill, Yvette Nicole Brown, Metta World Peace, Jeff Johnson, PSA, Black, Black Friday, Black People

Anything can happen on a sleepover! sleepover, comedy, sketch comedy, comedians, police, stand up, cops, slumber party, jonah hill, girls, sexy, hot, silly, pizza, dildo, sex, spring break, guns, ski masks, grandma, gun

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's blessing is enough to take your family crisis, sickness, and curses. Watch this video of Major1's Sunday service highlights. Get all the products by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri online at YahWeh Online Store. https://yahweh.... yahweh, prophet shepherd bushiri, lion of judah oil, holy anointing oil, anointed bracelets, prophet shepherd bushiri books

Thanksgiving is to DIE for thanksgiving, comedy, sketch comedy, stand up, comedians, funny, food, killer, horror, horror comedy, murder, sitcom

It’s Thanksgiving and Carol will get you all ready to entertain your ungrateful fucking family. Bitter house wife cooking network, carol, cooking, parody, house wife, thanksgiving

Everyone's got something to say about bugs outdoors, shrimp, boys, camping, hospital, medicine, bugs, insects, gnats, worms, eat worms, eat bugs, forest, nature

A group of rag-tag musicians try and create the quintessential Thanksgiving song. Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving song, Music, mockumentary, Documentary

27 year old college graduate competes against a 13 year old for a babysitting job. #millennial #jobmarket #millennial, #jobmarket

"Nothing is more exciting to me than talking to my audience and I'm so thankful it's a skill I've developed. I want everyone to have a good time and if I can, I will talk to each person" - Raj Sharma. In short, don't sit in the front row if you... stand up, stand up comedy, comedy, comedian, crowd work, raj sharma, comedian raj, Funny, funny video, jokes, hilarious, laugh factory, marriage, indian comedian, las vegas, vegas baby, jeeveshu ahluwalia

"Crowd work looks easy, but it takes years to perfect. Crowd work that looks effortless has taken years of practice. It's still one of my favorite things as it allows me to interact with my audience in a way material doesn't and that's why I put i... stand up, stand up comedy, crowd work, comedian, funny, nachos, indian comedians, the next big thing, laugh factory, jokes, funny video, amazing, hilarious, Hollywood, Raj Sharma, comedian raj

The deleted ending to everyone's favorite Thanksgiving movie. Special Guest VO by Lindsay Monal With Music by Walton Clark frog boyz, frogboyz, sketch comedy, animation comedy, planestrainsandautomobiles, john candy, steve martin, jesse vandenbergh, sean newman

Ever wanted to watch a sitcom about the trials and tribulations of a straight male comedian, but you only have 60 seconds to spare? Look no further! Starring: Nate Koch and Hannah Craig with help from Evan O'Leary Lee Louis CK, Louie, Sitcom, Stand-up, Master of None, Crashing, New Orleans, Sketch