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Everyone's favorite cancer patient wants the Republican Party to cuck on Obamacare. John McCain, Cancer, US Senate, Obamacare

The Egos play board games, sorta... Comedy, Sketch Comedy, NYC, New York, New York City, Lazy Settlers, Egos

Part 2. The Unicorns explain the backstory. Dragon Unicorn Comedy

Part of 1 of the wacky journey of a group of singing astronauts into the cosmos, to bridge the long storied rift between the Dragons and Unicorns. Dragon Unicorn Space Battle Explosion Funny Comedy

Before we judge Trump for banning Transgender troops, let’s remember that he, too, was barred from service. Donald Trump, Bone Spurs, Military, Service, Troops, Transgender, Banned

Today, Budderweeds, the best online dispensary in Canada, unveils a new commercial which marks a radical departure for the cannabis industry. The web commercial, entitled "Canadians Celebrate Diversity and Good Times with Cannabis" create... marijuana, cannabis, weed, humour, canada, dispensary, pot, comedy, canadians, diversity, animals, edibles, thc

In this episode, cheap ass Jim buys a device to take Marge on a very quick world tour vacation. #ComedyAndPolitics jim & marge, jim and marge, web series, sketch comedy, funny, political comedy, politics, current events, travel, character comedy

When there is no caption coming to you... social media, instagram, facebook, funny, Hot, female, gay, ester steinberg, mtv, parody, absurd, millennial, prime

Dru Hill Behind The Music. Dru Hill Reunion. Dru Hill Tour. #MediaKingz #DruHill, DruHillReunion, DruHillTour, BrianGrindinPresents, BrianGrindin, TrapParker, SleepingInMyBed, TheseAreTheTimes, FunnyOrDie, FOD, Bread, TheUndeniables, Advertisement, Marketing, MediaKingz, Dope, TooDope

Lee Chin, professional Texting Therapist, helps his patient overcome texting anxiety. Mas Mejor, Lee Chin

kalayart kalay

CAN YOU HELP ME WITH MY BUSINESS? My Morning Talk Show Thing: with Kevin 7.26.17 is for your face. . . . . . . #titsonmyballs #talkshowhost #instasilly #instashowoffs #storytimes #absurdist #nonsensical #dailyvide... weird, comedy, funny, bizarre, strange, high, weirdo, show, morning, lol, wtf, weird, funny, morning show, morning, kevin, kevin masterson, weird talk show, instagram talk show, instagram morning show, instagram show, viceland, adult swim

Love your body and let your boybz fly. music video, boybz, rap, overweight, body image, holla, fat, Club Lago, man boobs

An office goes into crisis mode when men realize there might be a vagina in the room. office, equal pay, women, feminism

Robert Pattinson, Escaping Polygamy, 19 Kids and Counting, and Dance Moms in today's episode of The Hollywood Rockin' Wrap Up! Like us on Facebook/RockinWrapUp and follow us on Twitter: @rockinwrapup celebrity, gossip, news, tmz, e!, entertainment tonight, access hollywood, the daily show, tosh.0, @midnight, extra, dish nation, stephen colbert, conan, jimmy fallon, jimmy kimmel, jason hadley, comedy central, john oliver, weekend update, Robert Pattinson, Escaping Polygamy, 19 Kids and Counting, Dance Moms

Dildo Sandra orders Gus's World Famous Chicken. Restaurant, Chicken, World Famous

In this message, the Bastard takes a moment to warn of the dangers of the "Bathroom Bills" being passed, especially in Texas. Texas, Bathroom Bill, Bathroom, Bill, Republican, Republicans, Democrat, Democrats, Transgender, Poop, Pee, Senate, Congress, House, GOP, DNC, Trump, Texas Bathroom Bill

A horror movie trailer parody about a woman who discovers her long-term boyfriend voted for Donald Trump. republican, parody, trailer, horror, movie, trump, donald trump, political, topical, sketch, satire

With the players on strike, how will Cricket Australia keep the fans entertained? Australian Cricket Players strike

When one man owes money to another, things can get...bloody. Inspired by shows like Key and Peele and Portlandia, find out more in this dark sketch comedy what happens next. Caution: It's a bit over the top sketch comedy, dark comedy, buddy comedy, comedy, funny video, key and peele, latino, hispanic, african american, miami, skit, improv, friends, murder, over the top, random, gun, die, funny, slapstick

Doctors diagnosis Doctor, illness

An infomercial comes back to haunt Donald Trump donald trump, trump, maga, boy scouts, infomerical, public access, politics, america, funny