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When to merely satisfy, is not really satisfying at all. Featuring NY Neo-Futurists: Meg Bashwiner, Katy-May Hudson, Rayne Harris, Krys Seli. NY Neo Futurists, NYNF, The Bechdel Test, Bechdel Test, Meg Bashwiner, Katy-May Hudson, Feminism, The Future is Female, Krys Seli, Rayne Harris, women in film, a short film to satisfy the bechdel test

Adding Designer Nose pin to your attire is the easiest way to flaunt your beauty with a touch of tradition. Shop for stylish artificial nose pins online at Mirraw. Get best prices with great discounts rates. Order now online at, http://www.mir... nose pins, nose rings online, buy nose rings online

How to get a good night's rest in the hood. Detroit gun gunshots alive live inshot BigPaksView Funny Nap sleep dangerous

Ahmad Pearson singing Usher's DJ's Got Us Fallin In Love Again. Singing, Usher, Ahmad Pearson, Music Video

Going Up? The Series is an award winning TV Pilot concept about funny situations that happen in elevators! Come take a ride with our comic relief puppet Rodney as we share awkward, hilarious and some times embarrassing situations. We all have a st... tvconcept, tvpilot, webseries, comedy, comedic, funny, puppetry, puppets, elevators

Summer song! These DADs rap about grilling in a video that's full of summer fun. dad, dadlifers, dadlife, dad rappers, grilling, summer, swimming, drone, sioux city, iowa

DADs rap about saving money and being frugal. dad, dadlifers, dadlife, budget ballin, budget, save money, rap, sioux city, rappers, dad rap

D.A.D. - Go to Work A song about being a DAD. The good, bad and ugly all wrapped into one. DAD, DADLIFERS, trap, music, rap, hip hop, sioux city, iowa, dads, dad rappers, dadlife

We approach random people at comic conventions and ask them weird questions comic con, weird, awkward, reactions, shock, funny, nerd, geek, cosplay, catwoman, superman, ghostbusters, terminator

Kit tries out a bit of positive reinforcement to make himself feel better. It doesn't go well. web series, animation, British comedy, cute animals, poop, short film, Michael Fassbender, dick joke, positivity

Jared Kushner may be President Trump's choice to clean house, but that doesn't mean his wife Ivanka Trump can get him to clean out his wardrobe. Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Wife, Wardrobe, Cleaning, Tidying, Clean House, Tie, Clothes, emasculate, Donald Trump, Senior Advisor, President Trump, Private Life, Whipped, Dominated, Humiliated, Drag, Crossdressing, Parody, Impersonation

Dolph Ziggler, Emma Willmann and Jordan Morris name some of the infractions that could get someone fired from a "Star Wars" movie. Watch full episodes of @midnight now -- no login required: @midnight with Chris Har... Chris Hardwick, @midnight, at midnight, After Midnight, Nerdist, @midnight full episodes, comedy central, Dolph Ziggler, Emma Willmann, Jordan Morris, exclusives, uncensored, terminations and resignations, Star Wars, internet, movies, stand up comedy, comedians, comedy central comedians, funny, comedian, funny video, comedy videos, stand up videos, funny jokes, funny clips, hilarious videos, hilarious clips

A brief singing of Ahmad Pearson's Rap song " You're my brother from another mother". Cool, Rap song, Music, Ahmad Pearson

Jenna Bender’s straight outta’ Camden ( New Jersey ) and she’s the hottest daytime talk show host in America! With growing side businesses, a family to keep her grounded and increasing fame, what can go wrong…again? 3D, animation, comedy

Jon and Ken get new hats. hats, new, bearded youth, jon and ken, steampunk, cowboy

Jon and Ken try to plan a friday night. snapchat, comedy, jon and Ken, bearded youth, communication error, captain america

Jon and Ken find the hidden secrets within the fidget spinner. depression, fidget spinner, comedy, jon and ken, bearded youth

Jon and Ken find out about the Rotten Tomatoes score for Saw II... It isn't pretty. saw 2, comedy, rotten tomatoes, low score, jon and ken, bearded youth, reviews, rap, song, beef, rap beef

Yachtley Crew is featured on The Dan Patrick sports show, thanks to Paul Pabst. yachtley crew, yacht rock, kings of yacht rock, titans of soft rock, dan patrick, dan patrick ESPN, paul pabst, sports, comedy, live music, music, #YachtRock, #YachtleyCrew

Check out the latest kitchen wonder gadget you can't live without: the Dapper Slapper! Written by Grant Cohen, DP by Dane Bowling infomerical, kitchen, cooking, commericals, gadgets

A source close to the new Star Wars Han Solo project has come forward to reveal why they believe the hiring of Ron Howard as director could be a good thing for the movie. Due to the sensitive nature of these comments, the interviewee has chosen to... Han Solo, Star Wars, Movie, Director, Ron Howard, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Chris Miller, Jar Jar, Jar Jar Binks, Prequels, Anonymous, Interview, Hidden, Secret

This Art History Teacher keeps it real! "How you gonna have an app when you still on a family plan with your mom!?" art, history, teacher