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President Trump earns the Guinness World Record in Speed Lying by logging an amazing 45 lies in 60 seconds. trump, lie, lies, lying, liar, white house, guinness, record, speed lying, health care, obama, kenya, illegal, voters, inauguration, inaugural, crowd, fail, failure, failures, trump university, baseball, jersey, shirt, false, phony, wrong, president, presidential, funny, satire, parody, ceremony, presentation, present, presents

Picture Khazo khil, Fasanghari, Duff irani, Duff puff, Duff shakh, Duff daghoon, oskolha, Hot duff irani, Hot duff puff, ما از این خز و خیلایی که دارن فیس بوکو به گند میکشن متنفریم, oskoland, omid ba shoma

Feel so pity for pasta football, world cup, 2018

As President Trump exited Air Force One today, he was greeted by a thunderous round of applause from the crowd. He remarked, "I've never heard so much applause since the two million people applauded me at my Inauguration ceremony." trump, president, air force one, applause, funny, parody, satire, plane, airplane, debark, debarking, wave, waves, waving, hello, goodbye, washington, dc, jet, presidential, inauguration, crowd, size, million, exaggerate, exaggerates, lie, lies, day, runway, board, boards, boarding, steps, stairs, sky, skywriter, skywriting, applauding, applauds, applaud, seal, daytime, hatch, door, official, sunny, fake news

Trump visits Moscow's PUTINLAND Amusement Park, where you can tour Chernobyl Land's Zoo of Mutations and Tanning Salon, Hacker Land and the Hall of Russian Diplomacy, located in a cubicle next to a row of Port-A-Sans. putinland, russian, trump, hacker, Chernobyl, president, funny, parody, satire, presidential, amusement, park, russia, hackers, election, 2016, radiation, nuclear, zoo, khrushchev, putin, computer, computers, shoe, united nations, kremlin, moscow, meddle, vote, voting, visit, trip, collude, collusion, colludes, soviet, fake news

The White House Hair Wranglers are a team of Navy Seals trained to each morning wrestle President Trump's manly hair-helmet into shape. trump, president, barber, Bin Laden, hair, hair care, stylist, dippity-do, seal, seals, navy, stylists, haircut, cuts, cutting, cut, coif, coiffure, gel, tint, dye, dyes, cosmetics, trim, wrangle, wranglers, wrangler, wrestle, wrestles, chair, presidential, appearance, style, hair style, shellac, lacquer, comb, combs, combing, blonde, fake news, military, troops, parody, satire, funny, white house, washington, dc, groom, grooms, grooming

President Trump visited several Washington D.C.-area small businesses today to promote his Small Business Initiative that will create more "jobs, jobs, jobs" for America. This laundromat, blocks from the White House, is a favorite of the President... Trump, Manafort, money laundering, corruption, laundromat, rubles, laundry, corrupt, crime, white house, money, dollars, Russian, Russia, Russians, collusion, bank, banks, Washington, fake news, parody, funny, cyprus, cyprian, banker, bankers, atm, cash, steal, stole, rob, robs, robbing, robbery, jail, prison, criminal, indictment, indictments, campaign, 2016, chairman, election, rig, rigs, rigged, jobs, job, employment, small business, small businesses, president, skid marks, wash, washes, washing, exchange, exchanges, exchanging, hide, hiding, russian, language

If she only knew... Pokemon

When Trump mis-hits a golf ball he yells, "!" trump bellend foreskin

Sister G Nun, Church, Sister G

I had to call the police Girly man, bitch, Camel toe

Picture Fasanghari, Duff puff, Duff irani, Khazo khil, Oskol instagram, Hot duff puff, Duff puff irani, Oskoland, Gozayeli, ضایعترین پـروفایـل های فیسـبوک, Oskolha, ايرانيان داف, Oskol abad, Javadha, Javad party, ما از این خز و خیلایی که دارن فیس بوکو به گند میکشن متنفریم, oskoland, hosein fasanghari, omid ba shoma, gozayeli

After being cast in Suburbicon, directed by George Clooney my manager urged me to take a period headshot. I guess I could of just given her a picture of my dad. Corey Allen Kotler, actor, headshot, dad, acting, Corey Kotler, George Clooney, Suburbicon, movies

George Takei replaced by Christopher Plummer George Takei, Christopher Plummer

Charlton Heston and Trump Donald Trump, Trump

Star Wars Crawl star wars, Sutherland Springs, gun control

Trump Cologne 'Desperation' trump, Donald Trump

Christopher Plummer replaces Kevin Spacey in K-Pax Christopher Plummer, Kevin Spacey

Roy Moore's lawyer calls Don Lemon 'Easy peasy lemon squeezy' cnn, Don Lemon, Roy Moore

The Original White Supremacyclist alt-right, Political, Silly, Dumb

Picture Duff irani, Khazo khil, Duff puff, Hot duff irani, Hot duff puff, Oskoland, Khazo khila, Fasanghari, Duff shakh, Duff daghoon, ايرانيان داف, omid omidi, Gozayeli, omid ba shoma, hosein fasanghari, oskoland, gozayeli will be retired, ما از این خز و خیلایی که دارن فیس بوکو به گند میکشن متنفریم