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Obama in the bushes obama, bush, us, presidents, portrait

Somebody fire him treadeau, canada, fakenews

Why so pessimistic us, russia, politics, cyka, memes

Soros... #uk, brexit, politics, memes, fun

Cap'n Crunch Parody meme multiverse, meme, dank meme, spicy meme, edgy meme, funny meme, original meme, funny, adult humor, adult joke, crass humor, humor, pun, joke, original art, clip art, pixelmator, photo shop, parody, comicart, comic, bud, flowers, bud flowers, capn crunch, captain crunch, breakfast, cereal, drugs, weed, coke, cocaine, pills, ecstacy, mdma

A matter of time president, trump

Trump Voter Explained president, trump, heart, parody, satire, funny

Here's the solution president, trump, roosevelt, parody, satire, funny

Whos a good boy migrants, refugees, poland, eu

Will US-NK disputes make bunkers relevant again? North Korea, US, nuclear war, nukes

I came home to find my boyfriend drunk in a pair of my panties. So I made up the sign and decided to teach him a lesson! Eric, freda, panties, Funny, Drunk, sleeping, wtf, prank, sign, lol

The daring take the mic out of the stand move. Charlie Currie, comedian Charlie Currie

The final of the Canadian Funniest New Comic at The Royal York in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1992 Charlie Currie, comedian, stand-up comic Charlie Currie

Charlie Currie doing stand-up at The Rivoli in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Charlie Currie comedian, stand-up comic Charlie Currie

Niagara Falls Comedy Festival Charlie Currie comedian, stand-up comedy, world's smallest minority Charlie Currie

Charlie Currie's head Charlie Currie, comedian, Charlie Currie stand-up comedy

... or Animal House? kelly, president, trump, animal house, white house, parody, satire, funny

These leaks have got to stop. Respect the office. trump, rebuttal, memo, classified, redacted, the layoff kids, democrats

Just a still from my filly $300 garage film. Ginger, theginger, superhero, indiefilm, redhair, redhairdontcare, ginge, firecrotch, indiemovie, cultfilm, cosplay, Comic-Con, ComicCon, freckles

Let's get physical! president, trump, exercise, parody, funny, satire

... is on you president, trump, joke, parody, funny, satire, cardinal, ryan