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I can think of better leaders than Trump & here they are! Donald Trump, leader, world leaders, Steven Bucky Butler, Bucky Butler, Bucky Talk, 2017, presidents, captain america, america, superman, batman, transformers, street fighter, dc comics, superheroes, marvel comics, stan lee, wwe, wrestling, wwe legends, wrestlers, heroes, USA, albert einstein, smart people, wise men, robots, robot, cars, car, dogs, dog, shield, funny pictures, action figure, action figure art, tribute, honor, dreams, dream, hope, funny or die, line up, group photo, pictures, big time, red white and blue, US, rainbow, hulk hogan

Here's how I would describe myself using fictional characters! ENJOY! steven bucky butler, bucky butler, bucky talk, Bucky Talk, funny or die, wreck-it ralph, the hulk, shrek, goofy, Disney, headshot, acting headshot, green, anger, big guys, cartoons, cartoon characters, 2017, Steven Bucky Butler, Bucky Butler, wacky, toons, pieces of me, random, stupid, describe yourself, fictional characters, enjoy, mousehouse, fat guy, big man, fat man, young man, action figure, action figure art, toys, toy, Hasbro, video game, video games, funny pictures, memes, inside out, mind games, doodles, childhood, boyhood

Funny how that works. trump, president, roy moore, al franken, franken, moore, sex, sexual, haraassment

"Give me your Despots, your Oligarchs, your Child Molesters ..." trump, president, statue of liberty, new, mexico, immigrant, immigrants, illegal, immigration, new york, harbor, mask, face, mexican, oligarch, oligarchs, despot, despots, dictator, dictators, child molester, child molesters, east river, new york city, renovated, renovations, renovation, improved, improve, lady liberty

picture fasanghari, duff puff, duff irani, duff shakh, duff daghoon, khazo khil, khazo khila, عکس های لو رفته, روانی, ايرانيان داف, عکس های خنده دار, ضایع ترین کامنت ها و مسیج های فیسبوکی

Atomic Winter Olympics 2018 sports, olympics, Korea, winter games

32 countries that made it to the WC 2018 football, world cup, 2018

France to block Muslim street prayers in Paris suburb politics, france, islam, muslim, migrants

Donald Trump is about to pardon his 2nd turkey this year ! Donald Trump, pardon, presidential pardon, parody, Joe Arpaio

Roy Moore accuses Al Franken of inappropriate tickling! Al Franken, Roy Moore

Picture Duff puff, Duff irani, Duff shakh, Duff daghoon, Hot duff puff, Hot duff irani, Fasanghari, ايرانيان داف, Gozayeli, khandeh bazar, ما از این خز و خیلایی که دارن فیس بوکو به گند میکشن متنفریم, gozayeli, عکس های لو رفته, روانی, عکسهای خفن, عکس های خنده دار, ضایع ترین کامنت ها و مسیج های فیسبوکی, پست هاي خنده دار فيس بوكي, omid omidi, داف و پاف های له و خز, فازت چیه؟؟

Picture Khazo khil, khazo khila, Duff irani, Duff puff, Duff shakh, Duff daghoon, Hot duff puff, Hot duff irani, hosein fasanghari, ایرانیان داف, oskolha, عکس های لو رفته, روانی, axhay lo rafteh, داف داغ داغ, ما از این خز و خیلایی که دارن فیس بوکو به گند میکشن متنفریم, داف و پاف های شاخ, fasanghari, fesanghari, عکسهای خفن, ضایع ترین کامنت ها و مسیج های فیسبوکی, omid ba shoma, داف و پاف های له و خز

The Billionaire Beaks should be finger-lickin' good. trump, president, trump tower, kfc, kentucky fried chicken, chicken, fingers, legs, toes, processing, cafe, fancy, fast food, jobs, employment, government, funny, satire, parody, new york, gizzards, franchise, chain, food, gold, restaurant, presidential, merger, partner, partners, partnership, colonel, sanders, finger lickin good, delicious, tasty, business, enterprise, job, employ, employs

Picture khazo khil, Duff puff, Duff irani, Hot duff puff, Hot duff irani, Khazo khila, Duff shakh, Duff daghoon, ايرانيان داف, ما از این خز و خیلایی که دارن فیس بوکو به گند میکشن متنفریم, عکس های لو رفته, روانی, اوووف عکسهای اونجوری, عکس های خنده دار

Wait until you see what Russia is doing. trump, president, putin, stamps, stamp, achievements, accomplishments, victories, russia, russian, postal service, post office, funny, parody, satire, mexico, mexican, wall, golf, steaks, friend, friendship, pal, buddy, white house, commemorative, commemorate, commemorates

Read on for information on how you too can send The Donald a gift. trump, president, presidential, birthday, party, celebration, donor, donors, billionaire, billionaires, rich, crony, cronies, lavish, sumptuous, funny, parody, satire, mar-a-lago, throne, bank of cyprus, corrupt, corruption, bribe, bribes, money, laundering

President Trump and Russian President Putin chose the logos for their shirts at a recent meeting. The choices cemented their budding bromance. trump, putin, president, presidential, shirt, shirts, logos, logo, saying, sayings, vietnam, conference, international, danang, funny, parody, satire, russia, russian, i heart russia, i'm with stupid, blue shirts, blue, blue shirt, meddling, 2016 election, hacker, hackers, hacking, meddle, meddles

When the President and the First Lady visited the Martha Stewart Show, Trump threw a rat in the punch bowl. trump, melania, president, first lady, martha stewart, show, tv, television, chocolate, cake, hillary clinton, crooked hillary, xi jinping, bake, baking, bakes, cooks, cook, cooking, chinese, china, funny, parody, satire, stove, oven, prison, federal, pen, jail, lock her up, ex-con, mar-a-lago, rude

As they were aliens, things didn't go well. trump, president, white house, alien, aliens, uranus, planet, space, spaceship, visitor, visitors, illegal, immigration, immigrants, immigrant, daca, wall, mexico, mexican, funny, satire, parody, mar-a-lago, work, worker, workers, melania, first lady, pool

President Trump broke the news to a large rabbit on Easter Sunday. Sad! trump, president, white house, fda, food and drug administration, rabbit, rabbits, animal, animals, test, tests, testing, chemicals, cosmetics, companies, ban bands prohibition, prohibitions, prohibit, prohibits, funny, parody, satire, draize, yeys, eye, bunny, easter, holiday, egg roll, bugs bunny, presidential, order, orders, ordered

EA is the new Evil Empire star wars, SW, EA, russians_did_it

This is a joke based on my romantic life. #standup comedy, #jokes, #humor, #funny