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There is a new form of adult entertainment on the market today and it combines virtual reality with your favorite adult movie stars. One such company bringing VR into our love lives is which perfectly showed us how watching their... virtual reality, technology, office space, funny, face, comedy, real, entertainment, showcase, reality, love

Everybody gets angry when I come home late and drunk. Especially the watering can. drunk, water, bucket, gardening, shadows, face

When I visited the Hollywood walk of fame. Hollywood, walk of fame, Hilary Swank, childish, british

My dog thinks it's funny to imitate my facial expressions behind my back. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Dog, Funnyface

I'm SO Very Excited to share my Matcha Talk with my incredibly talented Husband Jason White. I'm fortunate to work, create and collaborate with the Love of my Life❤️ Jason is the Show Composer on Bad Date Kate and The Babies, he’s written mu... Bad Date Kate, The Babies, Animated Series, Television Series, Animation, Composer, Musician, Guitarist, Producer, Artists that Inspire, Production, Women in Animation, Mary White, Jason White, Couples that Create, Create, Joy, Art, Love, True Love, Family, Pugs, Chihuahuas, Film, Documentary, Score, Relationships

Shit load of cuts of the Jimbo Franklin BS on YouTube , just look up Jimbo Franklin on YouTube. Jimbo franklin, Youtube, Horror, Mini movie, Short film, Pic, Poster, FTW, FML, WTF

Katie Keenan (ELISE) and Zack Webber (FELIPE) pay homage to the season 4 poster for "The Americans" ( ) Photo by Timothy Whitfield. Photo editing by Bionca Bradley. Ch... The Americans, The Canadians, FX, spy, spies, comedy, parody, spoof, Canada, Donald Trump, trade war, maple leaf, Ontario, Ottawa, gun Talent Agency, Comedy, Flyer,

Comedy Flyer November 2016 Comedy, Flyer

Comedy Flyer August 2016 Comedy, Flyer

Comedy Flyer July 2016 Comedy, Flyer

Comedy Flyer June 2016 Comedy, Flyer

Comedy Flyer May 2016 Comedy, Flyer

Comedy Flyer Throwbacc January 2016 Comedy, Show

A Tribute to Tupac October 2016 Poetry, Artwork

Two stills from The Americans s1 ep 9, "Safe House," compared with two stills from The Canadians s1 ep 6, "Bad Cop." The Americans, The Canadians, parody, satire, spoof, Mountie, interrogation, sandwich, spy, CIA, Noah Emmerich, FX, James Lontayao, Anthony Backman

DAMN Pope, politics, rap, kendrick lamar

The only kind of hockey that that is played in Arizona. Sidenote : Maybe the Coyotes should darft this horse as a right winger or some thing a ! NHL, Hockey, Coyotes, Sports, Memes, Funny Pic, FTW, WTF, FML, Stupid, Gay, Arizona, Phoenix, Dumb, Retarted, BJ, Pets, Horse, Farm, BS, Pic

Brett Gyllenskog was booked in Cache County, UT on 5/13/2017 for assault Gyllenskog

It's his destiny nuke, missile, north korea

Found this poster from the feminist club at my school, please share feminist, feministcringe, feminazi, feminnazi, feministmumbojumbo, femcringe, cringe, dank, memes, cringey

Just a little pre-roll primping before the shoot. mgm, mgm studios, mgm lion, metro goldwyn mayer, parody, logo, logo parody, logo funny, photoshoot, photo edit, photoshop, adobe photoshop, funny, humor, funny pic