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Ass Backwards Thinking president, trump, ivanka, parody, satire, funny, jackass

Somewhat president, trump, shutdown, chip, parody, funny, satire

FUN FACT : Kris Benson once pitched a complete game shutout for the Pittsburgh Pirates , after being told he would get laid after the game if he won it. An yes he won it and yes he got it ;-). ( Just think about sex when on the mound if you wa... Sex, XXX, 69, 101, 420, Beer 30, WTF, FML, Pitching, Baseball, Pirates, 9th, Game time, Real life, Fun fact, Champ, Sport, Bud, Dude, Pussy lips, Butt stuff, BJ, VJ, PP, Hard on, Stiffy, Wood, Hump, Cum on me

Picture Duff daghoon, Duff shakh, Duff irani, Fasanghari, Gozayeli, Shirin zabon, Atish pareh, Azizami

Here's a suggestion ... president, trump, shutdown, parody, funny, satire

... sometimes president, trump, sex, parody, satire, funny

Where's Howie when he needs him? president, trump, bannon, mueller, deal or no deal, parody, satire, funny

Whew, thought he was lost president, trump, pokemon, trumpemon, parody, satire, funny

No class. president, trump, class, parody, satire, funny

Or just plain tired? president, trump, wonka, winning, tired, parody, funny, satire

Uncle Trump's Immigration Policy politics

Official Trump Pence Job Performance Survey Trump Pence Survey, Trump, Pence

All you can eat! president, trump, baloney, mueller, parody, satire, funny

I've lost my appetite. president, trump, funny, parody, satire, tunnel

Santa fills Trump's stocking with poo Santa, Vintage Santa, Smoking Santa, Trump, Dog shit, Poo, Donald Trump

Tips for burying your husband burried, dead, serial killer, man, burrial, grave

It's a tough job Meat

Teens are eating laundry detergent. tide, tidepods, tidepodchallenge

Just say NO to eating laundry detergent. tidepods, tidepodchallenge

The Narrator gives you his insights about things one dreads. cartoons funny dread

All About Manos debuts on SparkkTV on January 17th at 8pm PST. Episode 1 Burnt Comedy, Web Series, Sparkktv, Entertainment

Voter's Remorse president, trump, hate jar, parody, funny, satire