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Sagar dighi ghat, Sitai Sagar dighi ghat, sitai

Sitai, Cooch Behar, Weet Bengal Sitai

Kawhi really not feeling the trade to Toronto.. He seriously says he has no interest in picking up minuets. NBA, NBA MEMES, ALL DEF DIGITAL, MEMES, BASKETBALL, SPORTS, SPURS, RAPTORS, LAKERS, KAWHI

Edgy. memes, news, hungary, UN, USA, migrants

Accurate. USA, Russia, memes, news, funny, tom&jerry

Hey, at least they aren't banning memes. iran, news, memes, funny

Stick Lives MAtter helsinki summit, treasonous maybe, misspoke, antiAmerican, buffoonery, collusion, would, wouldn;t

Well that's pretty dystopian. china, memes

Imagination vs reality politics, us, russia, memes, social media

Helsinki politics, memes, trump, putin

Frexit world cup, france, memes, politics

Crackhead snowman Crackhead snowman, Crackhead, Snowman

art by: true story