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MILKY WAY chocolate bar REVIEW VIDEO MILKY WAY chocolate bar REVIEW VIDEO, food, foodie, chocolate, foodfunny, viral, food porn, youtubers, youtuber, milkyway, milky way

FOOD MASH UP : STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE OREO with DAIM FOOD MASH UP : STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE OREO with DAIM, food, foodie, oreo, daim, chocolate, viral, funny, youtubers, youtuber

Here's a list of upcoming match-ups for episodes in a Youtube series I make that you can also see on my Funny or Die page! Most of these are already made! blogs, upcoming, coming soon, matches, fight club, Steven Bucky Butler, Bucky Butler, Bucky Talk, bucky butler, steven bucky butler, bucky talk, blog, poster, gods, parody, web series, duel, fight scene, wwe, wrestling, disney, action figures, action figure, toys, hasbro, basketball, sports, boxing, debate, funny or die, 2018, 2017, 1991, 90's, 1990's, 90's kid, dream fight, dream match up, crossover, brawl, comedy web series, funny, playing with toys, johnny cash, jack kirby, stan lee, comics, comic books, improv comedy, improv, improv scene, jokes, fan art, tribute

Fitbit to release new product to help measure internet rage Fitbit, Satire, Internet, Social Media reviews All About Manos! Indyred is a site that reviews web series. web series, press, review, comedy

Everyone know Judaism has a period where young men and women are ceremoniously inducted into adulthood. Their rituals are known as Bar/Bat Mitzva. What society does not know is that Gentile, Rural and redneck America also has a "coming of age' r... Bar Mitzva, Judaism, Redneck, Rituals, Adolescence

Take some time to think about the little things. funny, introspection, thoughts, einstein, world record, jamie foxx, snakes, blake shelton, people, human interest

Excerpts from Trump's 2018 State of the Union. trump, president, potus, state of the union, top 10, immigration, republicans, democrats, congress, america, amurica, merica, 'merica

Top 8 places to guarantee your safety and sanity during football season! football, superbowl, tombrady, hidingplaces, footballFEAR

The very obese white woman to her left shouts Aghhhhhh Stop her! Somebody grab her! I'm up in the aisle with two handfuls of fake mink pullin Aunty back into her seat. best article, best humor, top ten funniest, number one, best, top, top ten list, funniest story, the top funny or die, top 10, funniest, lol, lmfao, laugh out loud, crazy, strange but true, real life, greyhound story, bus story, dirty bus, dirty dog, wild, near death, irl, travel, IRL, LMFAO, ROTFL, Route 95, Interstate 95, Highway stories

VERSUS : NESTLE KIT KAT RUBIES VS NESTLE KIT KAT HAZELNUT N COOKIES VERSUS : NESTLE KIT KAT RUBIES VS NESTLE KIT KAT HAZELNUT N COOKIES, food, foodie, food porn, kit kat, kitkat, chocolate, funny, viral, youtubers, youtuber

MIKE AND IKE SUNDAE SWEETS REVIEW VIDEO MIKE AND IKE SUNDAE SWEETS REVIEW VIDEO, food, foodie, food porn, candy, youtubers, youtuber

As a result of an unfortunate glance in your direction, a lion that can see into the future witnessed a regrettable vision of you polishing the family jewels. At a co-worker's birthday party. FloggingTheDolphin, ShakingHandsWithAbrahamLincoln, PolishingTheFlagPole

I mean, we all need an escape sometimes. tweets, trump, politics, glazerboohoohoo, glazer, twitter, animals, music, art, food, comedy

FOOD MASH UP : CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT OREO with HOT & SPICY CINNAMON OREO FOOD MASH UP : CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT OREO with HOT & SPICY CINNAMON OREO, foodie, food mash up, food porn, oreo, funny, viral, youtuber, youtubers

NESTLE KIT KAT TIRAMISU REVIEW VIDEO NESTLE KIT KAT TIRAMISU REVIEW VIDEO, food, foodie, tiramisu, kitkat, kit kat, funny, viral, youtuber, youtubers, social influencer, food porn

America's good/neutral/bad girl kesha, morality, pop, culture, alignment, funny, jokes

The best things in life are often the most simple. Surprising, Ingredients, Drugs, Food, Weed

It still sounds like more fun than the Fyre Festival. music festivals, winter, freezing

Just one tickle is all we ask. Tickles, Cute, Puppies, Pets, Animals

The results MAY surprise you. Harry Potter, Sorting Hat, J.K. Rowling, Gryffindor, Slytherin

No cheating! Color, Vision, Science, Studies, Perfect Vision