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Here's a bunch of tweets that would better off as just friends. tweets, funny, twitter roundup, jokes, comedians, who to follow, exes, relationships, dating

If players keep getting injured at this pace the only people left to play the Super Bowl will be the mascots. nfl, twitter, week 5, colts, mike, pence, vp, vice president, trump, karen, rams, steelers, tom brady, bill belichick, patriots, injury, take a knee, knee, kneeling, national anthem, flag, 49ers, protest, football, tweet, aaron, rodgers, packers, barstool, pftcommenter, raiders, odell, beckham, jj watt, texans, cowboys

Pilot Episode #theoffice #trump #whitehouse #politics

Now, and definitely not before, is the time to get tough on guns. And by "tough," we mean stickers. guns, nra, las vegas, shooting, gop, republicans, congress

PURDYS ESPRESSO FLAKES Ice Cream REVIEW VIDEO food, canada, espresso, funny, viral, ice cream, food porn, foodie, youtuber

4FUN ( KIT KAT CHUNKY KNOCK OFF ) MILK CHOCOLATE COATED WAFER REVIEW VIDEO food, chocolate, funny, viral, fake kit kat, kit kat, canada, canadian

FOOD MASH UP : APPLE PIE OREO with NESTLE KIT KAT food, foodie, food porn, ore, kit kat, food mash up, food fun

MCDONALDS BIG MAC sandwich sauce REVIEW VIDEO food, foodie, food porn, fast food, mcdonalds

Think you're a good kisser? If you aren't using these tips you're not. kissing, technique, tips, lips, tongue, comedy, humor, making out

Nerf War: The Anonymous (First Person Shooter 2) We are always making Nerf Gun videos, such as Nerf Wars, Nerf First Person Shooters, and Nerf Zombies with acting, doing action Nerf, & going on crazy adventures. My Nerf videos are packed with v... nerf, anonymous hackers, nerf war, nerf gun, nerf gun war, Nerf FPS, Nerf Squad, FPS, hackers, War, Gun Game, Anonymous, Fps games, Squad, pnstudios, Nerf first person shooter, Nerf video, nerf vulcan, Gun, Guns, Shooter, nerf guns, nerf gun videos, nerf gun game, nerf rival, nerf battle, nerf zombies, nerf gun mod, nerf war first person shooter 2, nerf wars, nerf zombie, nerf mod, nerf elite, pn studios, toy, toys, battle, First Person Shooter 2, first person shooter, nerf war 3

Make someone feel worthy with MemoryTag I need someone to send me a MemoryTag card to cheer me up and make me feel if not worthwhile than at least a fact of life. It can be a birthday card even though it’s not my birthday, graduation card though I haven’t graduated lately, get well card (I’ve got a sick mind), congratulations card for being created by God, but hopefully (for him) not in his image, a weird card, funny card, even an insult card.

Halloween can be a lot of fun (if you're a child or drunk) but there's a group that doesn't think it's so great. vampires, halloween, capes, bats, comedy, humor

Can these really all be true? snapple, snapple cap, fact, lol, funny, crazy, drink

It is insensitive to try to prevent more death and destruction when there are more thoughts and prayers to prepare to give. Las Vegas, Guns, Mass Shootings, Assault Rifles, Politicize, Don't Politicize, Las Vegas Shooting

This week's tweets could only be better if they were made of chocolate. funny, tweets, jokes, best of the week, twitter roundup, 27 goodest tweets, who to follow, comedians

Take a break from everything else! twitter, tweets, glazer, glazerboohoohoo, politics, animals, music, food, halloween, fall, chill, relax, art, dogs, comedy, laugh, dance, trump

"I mean, if I got hired, that means somebody must have already hired you, right???" Kaepernick, weeden, colin, nfl, brandon, colin Kaepernick, titans, take a knee, takeaknee, national anthem

Everyone thinks organic products are better, but how do non-organic products compete? By trying to sound organic! It's way easier than you think. organic, food, comedy, humor

For better or worse, sometimes sci fi becomes sci fact. science fiction, movies, the future, blade runner, when does blade runner come out, blade runner 2049

The week President Trump learned that Puerto Rico is not the name of a famous baseball player. president, trump, twitter, tweet, puerto rico, maga, rant, tweets, ruiz, mayor, san juan, white house, healthcare, budget, taxes, tax cuts, 45, potus, realdonaldtrump, paper towels, congress, washington, government, america, usa, kneel, knee, football, nfl, flood, hurricane, aid, effort

Alicia won't stop until she's the dirtiest person at the basement party. 14 of the most ridiculous things from last night's 'Fear The Walking Dead' S03E13 "This Land Is Your Land" fear the walking dead s03e13, ftwd s03e13, this land is your land, zombie, zombies, alicia, nick, basement, ooze, madison, troy

9 Alternative Celebrations For Baseball Teams Who Are Sick Of Champagne Showers pitch, baseball, world series