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The selfie and the MemoryTag card were meant for each other. MemoryTag Greeting Cards, Use a MemoryTag Card to do a selfie, selfies and narcissism, Do a test of a potential boyfriend using a MemoryTag Greeting Card

Recap of Ru Paul's Drag Race S09E10 drag, recap, sickening, ru paul

Cool story bro ! USA, WCW, ECW, NWA, WWF, AWA, NWA wrestling, Pro Wrestling, PPV, In your house

Top 10 reasons you might need a Bullet into the Brain ! Top 10 List, Sux, Life, WTF, FML, FTW, Dumb, Loser, Gay, 666, Dead, Death, Evil, Sick, Losers, VD, STD

These tweets may leave a sour taste in your mouth. tweets, funny, twitter, roundup, jokes, comedians, who to follow, lemons, lemonade

This week's tweets will come as a shock to most people. funny, tweets, jokes, best of the week, twitter roundup, 27 goodest tweets, who to follow, comedians

I can honestly say my testicles have never been so well organized. Hear me out! Rompers, Fashion, Testicles, Gentials, Romphim

They need them more than you! Refugees, Fidget Spinners, Fidgets, Toys, Food, Money, Help, Charity

January 2016 - In a series of late night tweets, Taylor Swift theorizes that Katy Perry’s song “Firework” is actually a secret Satanic prayer. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Timeline, Feuds, Celebrity, Music, Musicians

Don't be a Xenu and join me! Billy Nye, Scientology, Science, Bill Nye The Science Guy, Scientist, Television

Sean has been SO freakin' annoying ever since he married your mom. These rad tricks will make him so mad that everything will be like it was before. skateboard, stepdad, nollie hardflip, divorce, children having difficulty adjusting to a painful divorce

Like, you could start paying off your student loans. And you TOTALLY should. Or, you could... Debt, College, Student Loans, College Debt, Money, Finances

The law brings out the worst in us! Judge Judy, Crazy, TV, Television, Judges, Court, Courtrooms, Law, Nuts, Insane

Show Dad you appreciate him this Father's Day with a MemoryTag video card. Honor Dad with a MemoryTag card for Father's Day, Father's Day cards, Expressing love for Dad on Father's Day with a MemoryTag card

RVs are long, wide, overwhelming, prominent vehicles. When you're in the driver's seat of one, you're all of a sudden confronted with a pack of new concerns: capacity, width confinements, and weight limitations. gps unit

"These idiots, who know nothing, are saying that you hate it when I try to touch you." Donald Trump, Melania, politics, hand slap, Melania Trump, Texts, Texting, President Trump

WOW. This week's episode of "Fargo" was buoyed by two huge scenes that trebuchet us towards the finale. It was... kind of a shock. fargo, fargo s03e06, s03e06, the lord of no mercy, ewan mcgregor, ray stussy, emmit stussy, nikki swango, mary elizabeth winstead, winnie lopez, gloria burgle, carrie coon, olivia sandoval, vm varga, varga, stussy, death, dies, corvette, sy, stamp

Here's a breakdown of some really awful Big Apple-area rooftop bars parody, bars, drinking, new york city

If your state isn't listed, it isn't real! United States, America, Facts, States, State Facts, True, Did you know

"Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that I exist. But come on, you DIDN’T pull out? Are you kidding me?" Dad, Son, Pulling Out, Father's Day

Kramer returns from Montana... Montana, election, trump

Racially fair media representation should start inside Buckingham Palace. Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, equality