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Has there ever been a better description for sex hotel than "fantasy suite?" bachelorette, bachelor, rachel lindsay, chris harrison, abc, tv, recap, peter, bryan, eric, wrong reasons, rose ceremony, fantasy suite

It's not just Obamacare, kids! trump obamacare obama wreaking havoc

We have never seen anything like The Big Man. The Big Man, Aaron Judge, MLB, baseball, New York Yankees, sports

A recap of episode 2 of Game of Thrones 7th season "Stormborn," in which everybody meets everybody game of thrones, recap, westeros, dragonstone, daenerys, tyrion, olenna, yara, ellaria, theon, greyworm, missandei, varys, jon snow, nymeria, arya, sansa, cersei, jaime, randyll, sam tarly, jorah mormont, hbo, tv, george rr martin, littlefinger, qyburn

It's sometimes hard to get an answer. Abbott and Costello Who's on First Routine, Abbott and Costello-style comedy routine

Further proof you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him tweet. tweets, funny, twitter roundup, jokes, comedians, who to follow, horses, animals

They look like the people, except they're not actually the people! Madame Tussauds, wax figures, celebrities, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner

So this Punjabi Prison match... wwe, tv, recaps, battleground, ppv, rko, randy orton, jinder mahal, maharajah, punjabi prison, world championship, united states championship, ko, kevin owens, aj styles, great khali, new day, the usos, jimmy uso, jey uso, lana, charlotte flair, natalya, naomi, becky lynch, shane mcmahon

Antiques bring the past to life! antiques roadshow, antique, roadshow, lol, funny, old, price, appraisal, television, tv

President attacks "Illegal Leaks" and a cheese shop has opened in the smallest town in Ireland Monologue jokes, Jokes, monologue

There's a lot more to celebrate in August than you thought. MmeoryTag Greeting Cards celebrate holidays, Weird holidays in August, Holidays you've never heard of

It's every parent's worst nightmare. Comic-Con, San Diego, parents, superheroes, cartoons, video games

"Mr. President, as I've told you before, I don't think leaking your piss tape will do any good." Sean Spicer, Donald Trump, Spicey, Politics, GOP, White House, Texting, Texts

For some, hooking up means sex. For others, it means kissing or heavy petting. For some, it means destroying your enemies. hooking up, making out, sex, survey, what is hooking up?

Another week means another round of threats, jokes, and insults in the comments of Funny Or Die videos. Comments, Social Media, Barack Obama, Game Of Thrones, Facebook, Twitter, Daniel Day Lewis

A first look at the next ten web-slingers! Spider-Man, Comic-Con, Next Spider-Man, Nat Wolff, Asa Butterfield, Tobey Maguire, Spider-Man Actor

Future packages of Charmin will depict the bears behind bars to avoid further complaints. Charmin, charmin tweets, Twitter, Tweets, Sexual

Great replies. Tremendous replies. trump, tweets, president trump, donald trump, twitter, 45, politics

Xena : Warrior Princess the movie by NBCU. #Xena Xena, Warrior Princess, NBCU, Movies, Flicks, Film, Kicking butt, Fight, FTW, WTF, Come on, FML, Killer, Too Sweet, ABC Family, PG 13, 3D

Pro Wrestling BS. WWWF, GWF, WWF, WCW, TNA, ECW, Lucha Libre, Pro Wrestling, Indy, Freelance, Free Agent, Tops

An escape from reality, like all great content. twitter, politics, internet, dog, animal, horse, meme, chocolate, aliens, lion, crying, r kelly, usher, snapchat, instagram, avatar, escape, reality, self care, glazer, glazerboohoohoo, comedy, content, online, dear, god, please, give, me, some, joy, as, the, world, burns, emoji, movie, comes, out, soon, house, technology, elon, musk, weed, cannabis, eggs, food, culture, movies, lynch

Each one of this week's tweets is more exciting than the next. funny, tweets, jokes, best of the week, twitter, roundup, 27 goodest tweets, who to follow, comedians