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Get that sweet sizzle with no expizzle. Money for nothing? That's something! humor, comedy, money, job, work, job search, experience, article, struggle, hustle

These are three things you should do before you watch Transformers: The Last Knight 3 things, buzzfeed, before you die, transformers, the last knight

The Story of Mario Kart 64 and How It Destroyed Two Best Friends mario kart, friendship, betrayal, law suit, nintendo, article, wario, stadium, bearded youth, jon walkup, Kenneth beckerdite

MemoryTag Greeting Card Youtube films plumb the depths of human experience. MemoryTag Greeting Cards, Film Noir, MemoryTag Greeting Card Youtube Film Noir Awards, cynical disgusting greeting cards

We reach the city limits of "Fargo." fargo, fx, ewan mcgregor, mary elizabeth winstead, tv recaps, recap, recaps, coen brothers, nikki swango, ray stussy, emmit stussy, sy feltz, vm varga, david thewlis, wonder woman, noah hawley, carrie coon, gloria burgle, winnie lopez

Who would have guessed? phone, friend, ghosting, cell phone, mean friend

Love knows no bounds. Not even arson. chance the rapper the office michael scott dating

Hollywood is crooked, I'll tell you! han solo movie big lebowski jeff bridges harrison ford

One and a half flesh-eating scarabs. mummy, movie review, brendan fraser, movies, the mummy, tom cruise

This week's tweets are best served piled high atop a Tweet Lover's Pizza. funny, tweets, jokes, best of the week, twitter roundup, 27 goodest tweets, who to follow, comedians

#7. He doesn't complain that you named him "Chance." dogs, love, sex, with, people

Pro Wrestling rant. Mark, Fan boy, Nerd, Geek, Meat head, Metal heads, Rock On, Long hair, Cool, Pro Wrestling, TNA, Impact pro wrestling, Spike, Pop, Fight network, Grand Champion, X, World

It could be you! Sean Spicer, Politics, Press Secretary, Sean Spicer Fired, Jobs, Work, Donald Trump, Sean Spicer Replacements, GOP

The thing where all the innocent people were murdered? Or the one where the president got mad at the FBI? Trump, Russia, Comey, Salem, Salem Witch Trials, FBI, Greatest Witch Hunt in American History, Trump Tweets

A truly inspiring story about a man and his snapchat snapchat man 25 toilet shocking

Best of the best in the "animal morphing" genre books, summer, summer reading, animals

Ideally, yes of course, you'd be having sex with a human - but if for whatever reason that isn't working out you have options outside of your species that are seriously not that weird. Sexy, animals, cow, sheep, ape, dog, finch, snake, fish, wild, relax, species, hear me out

Stand-Up Comedy Bucuresti Sambata 24 Iunie Sambata, 24 iunie, Copper’s Pub din Bucuresti (adresa: str. hristo botev nr 25) te asteapta incepand cu orele 21 sa vezi un show de stand-up comedy by Cristian Dumitru & Friends. Rezervari si alte... stand up comedy, sambata, 24 iunie, bucuresti, romania, spectacol

"What's your pain threshold?" Jobs, Job Interviews, Interviews, Work, Interview Questions, Unemployed, Employment

Leave a note above the toilet that reads, "If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown please fish it out and put it in the freezer with the rest of my collection." Roommates, Moving, Get Out, Passive Aggressive, Poop, Divorce

"So I noticed I'm not scared of your penis." Dating, Love, Relationships, Good Guy, Conversation Starters, Ice Breakers, Red Flags