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Stand-up Comedy Vineri 27 ianuarie Bucuresti Bella Pizza te invita vineri 27 ianuarie incepand cu ora 20:30 la o portie zdravana de ras. Vino sa vezi cel mai tare show de stand-up comedy sustinut de Alex Serban si Cristian Dumitru. Rezervari... stand up comedy, vineri, 27 ianuarie, bucuresti, 2017

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Fake News Time Fake News, Donald Trump, China, Sports, Football, Vladimir Putin, Russia, Super Bowl

Mother dearest Mother dearest, Cash me outside

Funny catch phrase Catch phrase funny

Civil disobedience isn't nearly as important as looking civilly disobedient. election, womens march, protest, trump, politics, america, washington, march, rights, civil, feminism, message, post, social media

Yo is this real? YouTube, Power Rangers, YouTube Comments, Movies, Film, Trailers, Commenters

Anyone else remember? BerenSTEIN Bears, BerenSTAIN Bears, Books, Children's Books, Nostalgia

Turn off that computer and hit someone with it. Cyber-Bullying, Bullying, Michelle Obama, Politics, Trolls

It's going to be a busy weekend for President Trump. Donald Trump, Tweeting, Schedule, Politics, President, Twitter, White House

Donald Trump Ditches Traditional Bible, Plans To Be Sworn In On A Pocket Pussy Inauguration, Donald Trump, Pocket Pussy, 2017 Inauguration, Political Comedy, Satire, Political Satire, Trump Inauguration

A timeline of the swearing-in of the 45th President. trump

These are some recent texts and what they mean. sexting, texting, sexy, marriage, relationships, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend

Donald Trump has a conversation with himself congratulating himself on being almost God. Donald Trump presidency, Trump's ego, Trump's lies and vanity, Donald Trump compulsions and neurosis

This week's tweets have really got the whole dating thing figured out. funny, tweets, jokes, best of the week, twitter roundup, 27 goodest tweets, who to follow, comedians

Something feels off here. Let's investigate! Dentist, Birthdays, Ulterior Motives, Dental Office, Shady, Teeth

"I'll fit in whatever position's available." Lines, Quotes, Job Interview, Sex, Laid, Hired, Hand Jobs, Fucking, Money, Typing, Job Skills

Golden retriever named Rusty details his plan to boycott 'A Dog's Purpose' after seeing the shocking video of a German shepherd being abused on set. a dog's purpose, dog, golden retriever, doggy, boycott, tmz, torture, abuse, german shepherd, leaked video, leak, shocking, sad, mailman, bark, treat, steak, bacon, the office, ninja turtles

Four more beers! Donald Trump, Inauguration Day, Drinking, Alcohol, Games, Drinking Games, Politics, GOP, Liquor

Do you think they put "Boxcar Child" on their resumes? Boxcar Children, Books, Book Titles, Children's Books, Howarts, AOL, Gene Wilder, Cementery, Ghosts, Sully

A man, a sex bus, and a self-driving perv-bot. BangBus, Comedy, Satire, Technology, Self-Driving Cars, Sex