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Corben Geis

I hope I'm in the Funnies before I'm in the Obituaries

My full name is Cory Benjamin Geishauser, but I shortened it to just the first syllable of each name CorBen Geis, due to writer's cramp. I enjoy Comedy, Writing, Drawing, Directing, Acting and History, and I get to do all of these in my online comic strip, HISTORY BLUFFS ( I am the sports mascot for the Pittsburgh Pirates Minor League Affiliate Teams; The Altoona Curve and The State College Spikes. So, I am a full-sized, blown up cartoon. I also draw caricatures at festivals and fairs. Another great gig. I sit on my ass, make people look funny and they pay me. My best friend and I have enjoyed making videos since we were kids. One of my favorite lines is from the late Rodney Dangerfied, "look out for number one, or you'll step in number 2." It's one of my mottos.