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Funky Uncle Lester

I'll Toss Yo Salad

Funky Uncle Lester has been thrilling crowds all over the world with smash novelty hits such as "I'm In Love With A Hefty, High Yellow Heifer I Hate", "I Don’t Want Her You Can Have Her, She Eat Too Much For Me?” and his biggest hit "I’ll Toss Yo Salad” Born in St. Joseph, Louisiana as Lester McBoutte, the exact date of his birth has been in contention for years. At the age of eight he moved to the French Quarters in New Orleans and got a job as a dishwasher at The Hairy Canary strip club. Fascinated by the novelty acts performing in the club, Lester decided that he would become an entertainer. He went through several instruments before realizing that he was a natural born lead singer. He decided to start his own band and joined with Willie Ray Walls to form Funk Family Kollective, whose members include pianist Michael Skloff, who wrote the theme songs for the television shows Friends and HBO's Dream On, Juan Nelson, Ben Harper’s former bass player, and former Maze and Watts 103rd Street guitarist Werner Schuchner.  The musical collaboration and friendship between Funky Uncle and Luckless started to unravel when Lester accused Luckless of cheating him in a game of UNO one night in Amsterdam. What started as a trivial disagreement between friends over a mindless card game would escalate into a full-fledged melee a few weeks later in England at a performance in front of the Royal family. The Royals sat stunned as they watched Lester and Willie Ray engaged in what one music critic called "…pure tomfoolery". The pair decided to go their separate ways and hadn't spoken to each other since trading offensive messages on each other's answering machines in 1992. Funky Uncle Lester has decided to make a comeback and there are rumors swirling around that he and Willie have buried their grudges and are about to go on a world tour. There is talk about a reality show and documentary film being made about the reunion of one of the musical world's true enigmas. Stay tuned for further developments.