FrenchCori FrenchCori


is French Toast.

Someone please make me laugh. Otherwise, I'm toast. I JUST THINK TOAST IS FUNNY! Oh c'mon. It is. Alright, I'm obsessed. But it's all good - you love toast too. There's nothing finer. So, raise your glass and let's toast TOAST! "I know a girl who thinks of ghosts. Shell make ya breakfast; Shell make ya toast; She dont use butter. She dont use cheese. She dont use jelly. Or any of these; She uses vaseline.... Vaseline....... Vaseline......." "All around the country and coast to coast People always say what do you like most? I don't wanna brag i don't wanna boast so i just tell em i like toast YEAH TOAST!! UH TOAST!! Oui monsuier bonjour coquette on hon croisoiant on vous a vere morishe vour Eifel Towere oui marie baguette bon soir FRENCH TOAST!! FRENCH TOAST!!"