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Wants you to 'Violate the weight!'

Free Radical Pictures Free Radical Pictures

Free Radical Pictures is an independent film, TV & media company based out of Santa Monica, CA. FRP just finished GYMRATZ, a single camera half hour comedy about a dysfunctional family of clients, trainers and staff at the suburban Chicago gym Gauntlet Fitness. The show stars Mindy Sterling (Frau Farbissina from Austin Powers, Reno 911!), Cathy Shim (Ballz of Fury), Ryan McCann (Visioneers), Jill Alexander, Tony Cavalero, Bruce Wexler Adam Harrington, Suzan Brittan and Horacio Galaviz. The first installment of this series 'O-Face,' which will be released soon, is written, directed, edited and executive produced by Phillips and was produced by Martyn Watts and Jonell Lennon. "Violate the weight! Violate the weight!" Mr. America Elite, Brock Buckner