Freedom_of_Speech_Bubble Freedom_of_Speech_Bubble


Express Yourself!

The Freedom of Speech Bubble is a radically simple idea. We take the heads of public figures such as politicians and celebrities and we stick a black speech bubble above it. The concept is that you write your idea in the speech bubble and you EXPRESS YOURSELF! Literally, write whatever you want -- that's the point! Our goal is not to tell you what to think, but rather, to give you a medium to speak your mind. Do you support George Bush? Cool. Do you think he's the biggest idiot of all time? Great, even better. Make your message serious or silly, a commendation or a criticism - either way, your product will be one of a kind, and it will be YOUR idea. The Ironic T-Shirt Corporation currently sells the Freedom of Speech Bubble in 8 different products -- Greeting cards, note cards, jumbo postcards, fridge mags, vinyl stickers, buttons, mylar balloons, and of course, T-shirts. We also have a very cool contest on our website where we give away free products ever week. People email us their funniest speech bubble ideas and we send the winners free products such as t-shirts and greeting cards. Check out the hilarious contest winners and enter the contest yourself at And remember...write your idea in the blank speech bubble...and EXPRESS YOURSELF!