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Fred L. Taulbee Jr.

Fred L. Taulbee Jr.
Fred L. Taulbee Jr. Fred L. Taulbee Jr.

Follow us on Vine at Phantasmagoria We are building a story machine, starting with super short movies and working our way up to features, exploring tangents here and there. We are growing our skills, experience, talent and even equipment as we go along, and others are joining us as we take this trip. We are having fun, and we hope we can make a partial living from this, because we all need both fun and a partial living. Our core talent include Stephanie Wells and Danielle Semento, two women of high energy, beauty and ambition, who are untrained in acting, but have a natural talent for it and don't realize it no matter what I tell them. I am Fred, teacher, bartender, writer, filmmaker, MA Literature, MFA Creative Writing, MFA Film Production. My fiction can be found under my name at Smashwords.com. I'm also on IMDB, worked in the film industry in L.A. for two years and directed Gothic Vampires From Hell. I had a great time directing it, but the style was not mine, but the producer's.