Frank and Richard Frank and Richard

Frank and Richard

Rockin' the prehistoric swamps.

Meet Richard What kind of dinosaur designs dresses and sings songs that are both unpopular and unlistenable? Only one kind, and his name is Richard. A walking textbook of instability, Richard is on a continuous quest to find himself. But so far he’s had no luck. If there is a quick road to fame and fortune you can bet Richard will find it, dragging his cousin Frank along kicking and screaming the whole way. Meet Frank Frank just wants to be the terrifying, cold-blooded eating machine that God intended him to be – hunting, killing, eating, sleeping and being left alone. On weekends he just wants to relax, have drinks and terrorize the neighborhood. Is that too much to ask? Unfortunately, there is a permanent and insufferable fixture called Richard that has made Frank’s dream of a simple life quite impossible.