Catherine Whatsername Catherine Whatsername

Catherine Whatsername

is losing her mind.

I have TOO MANY OF THESE THINGS, so I am totally sick to death of making them. Really you can find me all over the net but whatever, I mostly don't do much on any of those sites. The reason why I spread myself so thin is that 1)I have a broad range of interests, and B) I am looking for my special someone but, I'm not trying to find someone who "completes" me...blah, blah, blah. Sure I'm a complete mess but, well I think that makes me an interesting person. Most of the guys I end up meeting on the net are either obcessively looking for a woman, or seriously clueless about my sense of humor. Honestly there has got to be something out there becides; players, the over-clingy, the extremely dull, and perfectionests(lol). My interests include comedy(well duh), writing, animals, music, movies, science fantasy, religious philosophy, outdoorsy stuff, trying new things, netsurfing, channel surfing(oddly not REAL surfing)... And a whole lot of other stuff that I am not getting into here so don't ask me or I will get really mad at you and write you nasty spam, no really I was joking you can ask me if you want to I just ran out of things to say because as I said I really hate making these fricking profiles but, love making run-on sentences because I was an English Lit major in college and I know this would piss my professors off if they where ever on this site, like that would ever happen considering most of them would find such a site juvinial and frustrating considering these profile things never have a spell check, which is why I keep spelling stuff wrong, I mean I know it was spelled wrong but, well I am feeling lazy today to use the MS works spellcheck like I do on my blogs, so I am not going to fix it so don't ask me but, anyhow as I was saying I have lots of interests and if you would like to know them you could look at my MySpace page as there is a lot more junk about me there although the sentences are not nearly as long as this one but, whatever no one asked you to read this whole thing as I only made it so I could comment on stuff here.