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Four In The Back

Funny in your eyeball

The concept for Four in the Back was born in a dingy dive bar on Goth theme night. Grant Lyon and Mike Lemcke stood out as the only two people dressed in regular clothing, so naturally, they were drawn to one another right away. After discussing popular Goth attire, they started kicking around funny script ideas and decided to make a movie. Shortly thereafter, Grant was performing at a comedy club and a strange voice bellowed from the rear, "My Grandma is funnier than this." Grant left the stage to confront the heckler, who ended up having the perfect look for the film Grant was working on with Mike. Instead of punching him in the face, Grant cast the heckler, Sal Calanni, as the lead. Grant had previously met Matthew Galvin while working on a web series about a lovable group of losers who hang out in a bar on Tuesday night because they have no where else to go. Since both Matthew and Grant had no where else to go, Grant asked Matt if would join his budding sketch group as the director of photography. As the new members of Four in the Back were filming their first sketch video, Erik Lee seemed to magically appear out of nowhere and began helping out around set. After the shoot was done, he refused to go home and proceeded to follow Sal around with a camera for days on end. Having no other recourse, Sal asked Erik to join the group, and thus, Four in the Back was complete. Four in the Back has gone on to write, act, direct, and produce numerous funny sketches and film projects all over the country. One day, they hope to save the world.