Fort Knox Series Fort Knox Series

Fort Knox Series

Keepin' the Angst in Gangsta

Fort Knox is an original scripted digital comedy series about a hip hop collective making every mistake in the book as they climb the ladder to success. Call us the Curb Your Enthusiasm of Hip Hop, if you please. We are keepin' the Angst in Gangsta. ‪#‎StreetsIsAwkward‬ Episodes are *only* between 3 and 6 minutes! Therefore, the FDA and Surgeon General all recommend ‪#‎FortKnoxSeries‬ as a delicious and nutritious snack. New episodes will be released every Monday so please keep coming back. If you like us, you know what to do. We are independent, so please share freely and repeatedly! Like us on Facebook, place thy comments upon us on Instagram, Tweet us and most of all-- WATCH US :