Foreballs Foreballs



Like the website says its important to be funny or else you will die, at least thats how I understand it! I love movies, here are a few of my favourites Dumb and Dumber, The station Agent, One flew over the cuckoos nest, Terminator 2, The Burbs, Into the wild, Wall-E, The Thing, Back to the Future Trilogy, Serpico, Old School, Alien, Anything made by the Coen Brothers, Scorcese, Spielberg, Michael Mann, Curtis Hanson, Downfall, Leon, Wedding Crashers, Amelie, The Sure Thing, Traffic, Inception Tv Favourites The Wire, Seinfeld, Flight of the Conchords, Curb your enthusiasm, The X-Files, ER, The Sopranos, How I met your Mother, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad Music I like to listen to Arcade Fire, REM, Kings of Leon, Vampire Weekend, Johnny CAsh, The Beatles, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, ASH, Manic Street Preachers, Favourite Football Team Liverpool Fc but also admire Fc Barcelona for their magnificent technical ability Favourite Golfer Phil Mickelson Favourite Tennis Player Andre Agassi( even if he has retired) Favourite Comedians Richard Pryor, FLight of the Conchords, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey